Monday, March 30, 2009

Recent Reflections...

     I've really enjoyed jumping back on my recumbent bike. I started that on Saturday morning, and today was the third morning in a row of riding, and today I rode for 45 minutes!
     I have begun reading Twilight again, because I am back on the bike, and I have read 80 pages! It's definitely getting more interesting.
     I am thinking about allowing myself to read it for how many minutes I exercise a day! LOL! Not just riding the bike, however, I guess if I don't give myself that little leeway, then I guess I will be more motivated to also ride the bike, right?
     Some other things I have noticed. Well, first off, I don't do nearly as well on the weekends tracking as I should. I don't know why! Other than because I am not so scheduled. I start out tracking, and then I just quit part way through the day.
     One plus this past weekend is that we did go out to an exceptional dinner (see my review HERE), and I brought home HALF of my dinner!!!
     I also notice that I eat more, when I do that!!! GOTTA TRACK!!!!! But, I also notice that I am WAY more active on the weekends, too, so maybe it balances, but my new goal this week (because it's like an extended weekend!!! since we are on Spring Break) it to track all day, every day, and ESPECIALLY this weekend!!! I will do it!
     Something else I noticed...Well, treading water for 10 minutes is a LOT harder than I thought it would be, LOL!! That's good, though!
     That's something else we are doing this week, a variety of working out. I still plan on squeezing in my weights, too!
     There ya have it, some things I have recently observed!

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