Monday, March 23, 2009

Ride baby ride, burn baby burn!

My Smokin' Joe just before we headed out for a ride!

I took this picture from atop Joe :) This is Rick on Jake, and we are out on a trail near Hess Lake heading back to Fish Lake.

     Yesterday we headed out to ride trail with our horses for the first time this year. The weather was perfect! We had such a blast!!
     The ride was a little over four hours long, but we did stop twice for a quick break, so in all, we were mounted for 240 minutes!!
     Rick kept telling me that riding a horse was just like walking, and that you use the same muscles and burn a tremendous amount of calories. I, of course, did not believe him because I figured the horse was doing all the work!
I do know that a person who rides can feel sore the next day, but not so much from working out, more from sitting for so long (saddle sore). I thankfully have a new saddle ( best Christmas present ever), so I am just a tiny bit sore today, but not bad at all!
     I decided to do a bit of research and LOW AND BEHOLD, as much as I hate to admit it, Ricky was right!!!!! All of the info out there says that riding a horse is just like walking! You use the same muscles, and even use your core muscles more because you are keeping your balance.
     I entered my weight in several calorie calculators and found that I burnt 1080 calories yesterday!! WOW! How amazingly cool is that?!!
     I knew that I was reaping lots of emotional and mental benefits, but when you add on the physical, WELL…I am ready to ride every day!
     Really if you think about it, consider what cowboys looked like in the days of riding horses all the time! You really didn’t see a fat cowboy!
     I love riding! I love the fresh air, the being outside, the birds, the deer, the EVERYTHING! I love being with my horse and feeling the trust and confidence we have in one another. He is just an incredible animal, and yes, my friend.
     It is also wonderful to be able to share this passion with my best friend and PIC (partner in crime), Ricky and our kiddos!
     You can read a really great article HERE about riding horses! Enjoy!

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