Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yummy, quick, cheap and it possible?

     I have found something that I love at Safeway! In their new Eating Healthy line, they have a shrimp stirfry that is really yummy!
     You get 24 ounces for $5.99, and if you watch you can catch it on sale! It's in the frozen food section.
     The veggies (mushrooms, red bell peppers, sugar snap peas, carrots, water chestnuts, and broccoli) are very yummy!! And, the shrimp is plentiful.
     For one serving (1 3/4 cups), with three in the entire bag, the calories are 130, fat 0, and fiber 4g for each serving! If you are keeping track in the WWers world, that's only 2 points for one serving or 6 points for the entire bag (like who could eat all of that?).
     I always add rice to it, and I have also found a new rice from Kashi that I love, too!

     It's Kashi's Moroccan Curry 7-whole grain pilaf! It's super easy, and in one of those packets that you can just throw into the microwave, but I just add it to my stirfry.
     I liked the taste, both sweet and spicy, but I have always been a fan of curry. Although I must say it's not as curry-tasting as I had expected. I really like the texture.
     One cup of the pilaf is only 4 points! And, I just add two packets to my stirfry.
     This is one YUMMY, cheap, healthy, and super quick (less than 10 minutes), easy (only one pan, dump it all in). That's my kind of meal!

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