Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th!!

     Last Sunday at the end of my workout I went on a geocache adventure! Now, WAY back when (like 8 years ago, maybe), I earned a Teacher Leadership Project grant, and one of our classes included a geocache hunt! It was so much fun!
     But, time, money, and too many other passions were in the way, so I have not gone since. BUT, lucky me, my workout partner is a geocache extraordinaire! Janice has hidden many treasures around our area, and she also loves to go searching for others!
     I am so excited to do this more seriously this summer because I like the idea of hiking and walking to find the geocache! TOO COOL! This is a way to get some extra exercise and feel like you are on an adventure all at the same time.
     So, I found my first cache in our area: Hide ‘N Seek! It’s in a cool place! And, I love the thought put into its description!
     You can check out what’s out there at
     Now, I can’t wait to go out and find more and hide my own!!!

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