Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cool, Cool, Sweet, Sweet!

     Hey, hey, hey...cool, cool, sweet, sweet (you say that really quickly) I am officially on cheer time and talk! And, I am loving it!!
     We are working and playing hard here! I am actually sore today because I did stunting yesterday and TONS of walking!! Amazing how much work all of this cheer really is. I don't think unless you are directly involved that you can really understand.
     What is REALLY cool here is how POSITIVE everyone is all the time! You just really appreciate all the good stuff in your life!
     I am drinking TONS of water, so that is definitely a major plus about coming to camp. I am actually over my goal for water consumption!! Woo hoo! Starting a good habit, and I plan to keep it going when we return.
     I even went for a walk, an intentional one, this morning after breakfast. I totally wish I had a pedometer!!
     I am eating good, but do feel a bit hungry at times, and I think it is mostly because I am burning so many calories being so active.
     Actually this entire camp experience makes me want to go to one of those spa or exercise camps or vacations for adults!
     I think I am going to really research that as a possibility for next summer or maybe even this Christmas break, who knows??
     Well, off to another class. Cool, cool, sweet, sweet!!


Anonymous said...

I'm really gunna miss reading your blogs!! You are such an inspiration and I tell everyone I know to read up on your blogs!! I'm Lovin it!! (not to be confused with nasty McDonald's!!:D) Just like your other comment said...We are reading and enjoying!!!

Anonymous said...

I check your blog more than I check my myspace!!! and trust me...that's A LOT!!! it's like you are my new myspace!!!!