Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WHAT in the heck?

      Let's just say yesterday was CRAZY! First, I had a former student who was killed, then there were two different major accidents (fatalities at both), and how about a fire raging out of control??
      Somebody tell me what's going on here??!!
      I will tell you this much. As always, it's times like these that make me appreciate all that I have in my life.
      I am happy for my life, my family, my friends, my health, my job, etc. I feel very fortunate that I have all that I have in life, especially the love of my family and friends.
     I did feel like I was recovering from too much sun, and I did not feel too great yesterday afternoon/evening.
      I did perk up a little later, but didn't feel like cooking anything for dinner, so we opted Chinese takeout.
      I know, I know, not the best choice for dinner, but I must say that my portions were GREAT! I even took less than I really wanted because I thought I would want seconds later in the evening, but I never had them, so instead I had SUPER tiny portions.
      We watched a great movie last night: The Astronaut Farmer. It has such a strong message of hope and always dreaming. Perfect!
      Well, I hope today is quieter than yesterday.

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Leone said...

Please keep blogging! I love reading your stuff. I really appreciate that you keep doing this, through both the good times and the bad. Its especially great to read that you recover from stressful, fast food, no exercise times. I appreciate that I can see in your writing how much more energy and balance you have when you are exercising and eating right. Its such a great motivator! You are awesome to put yourself out there like this! Just so you know - we are out here reading your blog and loving it!