Tuesday, July 3, 2007


     Tomorrow is our nation's day of independence. I have decided to dub this summer as my summer of independence.
     I feel very fortunate to live in a country that a woman does have the right to be independent and strong on her own.
     When I think of being independent, I also think of the rights I have to health care, education and other services that many people in this world, and especially women do not have access.
     I know someone right now who today is having a risky surgery related to his cancer, and in all reality, his prognosis and survival is slim.
     We have the right and the responsibility to take good care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.
     That sometimes is not the easiest road to journey down. Sometimes it is scary and lonely. BUT, we have to make the choice to improve our lives.
     I have been doing a lot of searching for answers to a lot of hard questions lately. I have found some things out about myself that I knew but maybe didn't want to face.
     A long time ago a reader to this blog made a comment asking me if I do the things I do (how busy and involved I am) because I want to do those things or because I want approval from outsiders.
     That question went straight to my heart. What is the motivation behind the things I choose to do??
     I have learned so much about codependence and control, and it all amazes me how it affects all areas of our lives.
     Now, armed with information, I need to keep asking the right questions and searching for the answers (no matter how hard they might be).
     I am proud of myself for finding the courage and strength to do what's right and hard.
     Yes, I am going to celebrate tomorrow!

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