Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's all good!

     It's been a few has been pleasantly busy. I still have managed to eat well and exercise over the past few days!
     My favorite thing I did Friday night was first find a great find! Yup! I found a larger video case that almost matches my bedroom furniture perfectly.
     Then, I put the thing together, with some rather complicated directions. You see, I am definitely a verbal person, in that I need to read the directions NOT just look at pictures. There were seriously steps that had NO written directions just pictures, and I am NOT a spatial learner!
     I did, though, figure it out, and I have a beautiful video cabinet that I am actually using as an end table next to my bed (I call my bed a princess bed because it sits up so high.), and it has all sorts of stuff on the inside, so it is more like storage!
     Then on Saturday after working out and doing some little odds and ends (like washing my outside windows and setting up the sprinkler system), I headed over to help my friend.
     It felt so good to give something back to someone who has given me so much in the past few weeks.
     After that, we both went and joined my sister-in-law for an evening of BINGO. Now, that was funny!!
     I had not a clue of what was going on, and I did not have beginner's luck either (close, I had one number left to win $200).
     And, I had the BEST Sunday ever. One of the best days in a LONG time. Rick and I went for a motorcycle ride over the North Cross.
     I just love being on the bike. I love the feeling of freedom, and I love smelling just feel so alive.
     The weather and company was perfect, and we just had a very relaxing day.
     We even saw some super cool things!!! We saw an albino deer, and the dam at Diablo Lake was running (first time ever!).
     All-in-all, my weekend was good. I am looking forward to a good week, too!

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