Thursday, July 5, 2007

Feel the love!

     Good morning!! I had such a SUPER Fourth, and I hope you did, too! I spent it surrounded by loving friends and family :)
     First, I went to a barbeque and birthday party at my friend Lorri's house. The food was great, company even better, and it just feels so good to be supported and loved by those around you.
     One of the great things happening for me right now is that since I am not hungry, I am able to concentrate on smaller portions.
     And, I have noticed that I feel better and not stuffed to the gills like everyone else around me. But, I still tasted everything.
     I do need to buff up my water intake, especially since I have been exercising lots and with the rising temperatures.
     Then I went to a neighborhood barbeque in my new neighborhood. It was nice meeting new friends and spending time with people that I am very close to who live within blocks of me.
     I did eat a little more at the second gig, but not much, and really just bitefuls.
     Again, I was the only one who was not feeling TOO full at the end of the night. What a benefit!!!
     I am going to have to exercise this evening with a nice walk or jog, since I have lots going on today!

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