Wednesday, July 18, 2007


     I awoke to pounding rain, roaring thunder, and flashing light. Awesome!!
     This morning reminds me of some amazing thunderstorms in Texas. One in particular when the boys and I went on our roadtrip. I had never witnessed a storm like that night; it was both cool and scary, especially since we were in a tiny cabin (supposed to be in a tent, but the KOA rented us a cabin for the same price because of the weather).
     Now back to today's storm. Rick and I had this big debate about lightning and if it strikes from the cloud down or ground up.
     Holy Toledo, but I have to admit right here that he is RIGHT. Lightning travels from the ground up!!!
     Check out this link:
     OK, so back to what the blog should be about...yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time since I was pregnant with Jordan, and he will be 15 next month! I don't really know why I had not been going, just hadn't really found the time or made the time to go.
     Anyhow, considering I have been without dentistry intervention for so long, I am pleased and somewhat surprised to report that I do NOT have any cavities, and my mouth is actually in pretty good health!
     I did, however, have a ton of build-up, and it took almost an hour just to prep my teeth to clean, so I had to make another appointment for a cleaning.
     And, my mouth was pretty sore last night, but I guess that's what happens when you skip going to the dentist for so long.
     I did also make appointments for both my boys, and I have another appointment to have some cosmetic things done to my teeth. I can hardly believe that I will be saying good-bye to my David Letterman space this coming September!
     I am really excited about making postive changes in my life and placing me as a priority :)
     Hope YOU had a happy day!

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