Monday, July 23, 2007


     Greetings from cheer camp!! We are having such a SUPER time, and the girls are amazing!
     Any person who does not believe that cheerleading is a sport and that these girls are athletes is sadly mistaken! I can hardly believe some of the stunting happening here! WOWSER!
     We are eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and let me tell you...the exercising and walking is intense!!!
     And, thankfully the weather is not too intense! Warm, but not terribly hot!
     I had a great weekend, mostly spent relaxing and preparing for our upcoming trip to Yellowstone, which by the way, I probably won't be blogging during that time, since we will be gone for two weeks, and I have no idea what sort of access (if any) that I will have.
     We went through and organized everything, all of our camping stuff, which took awhile, and we had to wash a bunch of stuff off that had been outside.
     But, now all we have to do is pack clothes and food, and we will be ready!
     We leave this upcoming Saturday, so you have blogs for the week anyhow!
     Later for now...

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