Wednesday, July 4, 2007


     Howdy! Happy 4th of July to you!! Since today is Wednesday, I still woke up and headed off to workout. I had a feeling most of the cheerleaders would be sleeping in, and I even wondered why I wasn't.
     I was right! One cheer mom and friend, Teresa, came though, and we had a good walk and talk.
     We talked about taking care of ourselves and how hard it is for moms to make themselves a priority. That's something we are both working on right now!
      Before she came, I had already jogged and walked a lap. After she left, I walked another and jogged another, giving me a grand total of six laps for the day.
     But, I just really felt like working out, so I did 10 bleachers, and then I added an extra five lung sets, where you walk up on the seats rather than the stairs.
     In between sets of regular bleachers I did standing push-ups. My arms are feeling it already, even as I type this.
     I feel good, sweaty, and strong.
     Now, I have to go and get some things done around the house (bought a new air conditioner and have fence to finish for my dog).
     I am looking forward to working hard today, and then celebrating tonight with friends!

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