Friday, July 27, 2007

Working to go on vacation!

     Why is preparing for vacation so much work? And, then when you return it seems like you always feel like you need a vacation from your vacation and you have to deal with everything from when you were gone??
     I am so glad that I washed all my clothes at cheer camp, as that really saved me from being completely bogged down. And, Rick and I did a ton of prep work last Saturday, so we are just down to the little stuff, but it sure seems like LOTS of little stuff, right?
     I don't know if I will have access to blog or not while I am gone...SO, MY FRIENDS, IT MAY BE A BIT (2 weeks) BEFORE WE MEET UP AGAIN. Do not despair, because I will return, PROMISE!
     My brother-in-law may have satellite service (because of his job), so I might have access...
     I am so excited to relax and play and read and hike and spend time with family. Rick really deserves and needs this vacation, too, so I am looking forward to helping him unwind and chill. We always have so much fun each year when we finally get away from everything :)
     Some other good news...I feel really lucky to have such a good relationship with my ex-husband. We work hard at resolving any conflicts when they do (albeit rarely) arise. I don't know if my kids know how lucky they are that we work so hard at it, as I know many kiddos not so fortunate. We were able to just work out some things that could have been tough, and I really appreciate that I have that sort of relationship with him!
     AND, Cody is OFFICIALLY a Marine!


Anonymous said...

2 WEEKS!!!! :( you promised!!!

Anonymous said...

The answer to the question about your son, maybe you should have taken your boys on your "family vacation!!!"

Trisha Bradley said...
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