Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday is the key day of the week - Gaelic Proverb

      Howdy! How's your Monday?
      We spent the day yesterday in Arlington at the airshow. It was a really nice trip over and back, although long for one day!
      The weather was very deceiving in that it was a wonderfully mild 75 degrees with some cloud cover. Yeah, so I did not use any sunscreen (DUMB IDEA), and I fried. TOTALLY.
      I did drink TONS of water yesterday, and although I did not eat the most healthy choices on the menu, I did concentrate on small portions.
      Food looked liked: A Starbucks doubleshot espresso (in the can), a sausage swiss breakfast sandwich, one Americano, some Texas French fries with cheese (just a little though), a garlic grilled cheese sandwich, three mozarella sticks, half of a small butterscotch milkshake, and that's it.
      So, not the best choices, and I have no idea of how many calories, but definitely I did watch how much I ate, and that felt great!
      As far as exercise...we walked and walked and walked. And, then we walked some more :) I should have worn a pedometer to know how much we walked exactly.
      Today, I did something I have ALWAYS wanted to do. I posted some items to sell on ebay! First time ever, and I have said I was going to, but just never have.
      I am eager to see how it goes, and I might try some other stuff, plus I have a friend who wants me to help her do it, too!
      I did have a message from a reader about the best ever de-clutter website. I actually had another reader turn me on to that site many months ago.
      I really like it, but I will caution you about subscribing because then you will receive a million reminder e-mails a day! A little much for me, and a bit ironic as far as the cluttering up of my e-mail inbox!! LOL. BUT, I do go to their site on a daily basis!! GREAT stuff!
      Hope your Monday was GOOD!

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