Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat--Sartre

     Warning...this is a hodgepodge of thoughts today.
     I have been thinking a lot lately. I really like to walk and think; it just seems like you can clarify so many things when you are not worried about answering the phone, running errands, whatever.
     I did workout yesterday morning with the cheerleaders, and tonight I am going to walk with a friend. I think we are going to start walking regularly at 9 p.m.!
     OH YEAH!! Have you looked at this week's forecast? MYLANTA!! It is crazy...Tomorrow 104, Thursday 106, Friday 108, Saturday 103! Holy! Stay cool and hydrated people!!
     I also just love summer because of all of the yummy and healthy food to eat. I especially love summer fruit!
      So, life has been full of change as of late. I see change as an opportunity for strength and growth. It still amazes me how many people view change as automatically negative.
     And, sometimes a change of perspective can help you look at life in a different and better way, and even appreciate what maybe you didn't before. It can help you decide what you really want out of life.
     The other thing that I have been thinking about lately, and I have had several conversations with some close friends, is how people in this world want you to fail, relish it when you do, and don't care to even know the truth.
     This is part of what I am trying to understand in my life and what centers around the issue of codependence. I know exactly where my need for approval originates, and I am trying to not care what other thinks.
     But, in reality, we all do. We all care on some level and act in ways that are related to how others will judge us.
     And, people that I don't even care about, why should I care if they approve of me? Or, why should I care if they are overjoyed with what they perceive as my failures? That is what I have to personally work on.
     I keep reminding myself that a person who would be happy for another's failure is a very unhappy person. I should feel sorry for a person like that. And, I do.
     This all relates to my Jean-Paul quotation, and that I am surrounded by such loving people that are all rowing with me.
     When someone is more intersted in rocking the boat, I need to just give it away.
     Speaking of giving it away, well, on a more literal level. Yesterday while I was coloring with my step-daughter, I flipped through the channels and stopped at Oprah for a minute.
     Those of you who know me are probably shocked that I stopped and watched the show for ten minutes.
     The topic yesterday was about de-cluttering your life. It was about how weighed down we are with all of our stuff.
     I felt soooo good about all of the stuff I am letting go! YUP! OK, so this Saturday from 8-12, we are having a gi-normous yard sale at Ferrell Gas. Be there!

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