Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ooh Rah! Or is it Boo Yah?

     Today my arms are REALLY sore!!! I can't believe what an incredible workout all of this cheering is!!!
     And, I am working on my flexibility which I feel is improving as well.
     I think Cheer Aerobics is a blast, and talk about an excellent arm workout! I am going to define those arm muscles big time!
     Eating and water consumption, both are right on target! I should have weighed prior to coming to camp!
     I slept so well last night, since I was ABSOLUTLEY exhausted!
     I am excited to return home tomorrow and start getting ready for my big adventure to Yellowstone! We are going to have so much fun!!
     I have lots of big things happening in my life right now!! One of the biggest and most emotional relates to my oldest, Cody.
     He is enlisting with the Marines this week! He will probably be headed to Basic Training in October.
     I have such mixed feelings about this...I am overwhelmed with pride! My son could do anything he wants with his life, and he has MANY opportunities in front of him right now.
     He is choosing to dedicate his life to our country, and I swell with pride over that. What an incredible young man...
     I know he will do well and be strong in whatever he ends up doing in the Marines, and he is planning on applying to Recon.
     I am also sad that my baby is leaving, and that would have happened even if he would've headed off to the University of Washington as originally planned. I will miss him sooo much.
     Finally, I have the feeling of fear. I don't want my son to die or suffer an injury. I just want him to be safe.
     So, it has been a roller coaster of emotion this summer, but I am proud of how strong I have remained, and how making healthy and happy choices has greatly influenced my life, my being, my body, my attitude.
     Keep us all in your thoughts and hearts! Ooh Rah!

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