Thursday, July 19, 2007

Super (small) Size, PLEASE

     It's officially a theme for me this summer...SMALL portions! I am so proud of how easy it is happening and how natural it feels to eat tiny portions.
     Last night after working out and running cheer practice, I took all the girls down for ice cream at On the Avenue.
     I ordered not just a small or single scoop, BUT rather a kid scoop in a bowl!!
     Then for dinner Rick and I had Subway, and I ordered a six-inch instead of the normal foot-long that I usually eat.
     I have even changed my coffee to a 12-ounce (sometimes hot, sometimes not) Americano. It's very yummy and gives me the coffee taste that I want without all the calories! I am also only treating myself to a coffee a couple of times a week.
     We had cheer practice this morning, and again before I worked out, so I am definitely starting off my mornings well!
     I loved the comment the other day about how a reader can totally feel different energy and a sense of balance when I am working out and eating!
     I went back and read my blogs, and sure enough, I can feel it, too!! Very cool!
     Well, have a SUPER day today!

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