Saturday, July 14, 2007

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory. (Gandi)

     Howdy! Let me just tell you that I feel like a ginormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!
     We just finished our yard sale, and I hauled all the clothes to the clothing drop-off container (there are two, and I FILLED up an entire one. HOW does that happen? For real? How do you accumulate sooooo much stuff?
     And, even though my storage unit is crazy empty (only about a third of the stuff left and all in tubs), quite a bit of it is clothes, too. So, I am totally contemplating either having another sale OR just going and donating all those clothes, too. For real, as I lose weight, I would rather buy new clothes, right??
     At our yard sale we did not have any big items, and the most expensive thing I sold were the kids' clothes $5 for a bag, and we still made $130 for a 4-hour sale. That should definitely give you a feel for HOW many clothes I was actually selling!!
     Then we ran a load out to the dump, and I am FREE, baby, FREE!!
     I can't even tell you how absolutley liberating this all is!! It's not even about making money (that was a nice bonus, though). It's about giving it away, letting it all go!
     The update for the past few days... Thursday I went to a barbeque at one of the MOST beautiful houses in Okanogan! It sits right on the river, and WOW!
     The food was super, and I, again, ate super small portions, which feels like it is becoming a habit, a good one!
     The host of the barbeque made water with fresh mint from her garden and lime, and YUMMY!! Basically, my drink tasted like a non-alcoholic Mojito!
     After the barbeque, Rick and I watched movies, which I hadn't realized how busy I had been there at the end of the year graduating Cody and packing up my classroom because there are a zillion movies I have not watched!! I think we might catch up on them, as it is a nice and cool way to relax!
     Friday...I was busy with trying to get ready for the yard sale (I ended up with TWO truckloads of stuff from storage to where we had the sale. I also delivered tables there, too.
     Then, I decided to take some ME time! I went and had my eyebrows waxed (OK, I know that doesn't sound like me time, but really in the end, it is because I don't have to pluck them all out!!).
     Then I went for a pedicure. NOW that was certainly me time. I read the most recent People (my guilty pleasure, but even more of a pleasure when I don't buy it!!), and I also read from my book that I am reading right now (Janet Evanovich's #13).
     That doesn't even count the incredible foot massage and soak! SIGH!
     Then we barbequed (seems to be the theme of the summer) with all of the family. We have family up from Portland and also over from Seattle, which we don't get to see a ton, so it's always nice, and also Rick's oldest daughter and youngest grandbaby came.
     I do relish the family time. It just feels so good to relax and not be in a hurry to do anything.
     Again, spot on for my portions, although I did have seconds of my YUMMY salad that I brought! I also made MOJITO water for all of us (what a great idea that I borrowed!)!
     Today I was up and out early. I did not exercise intentionally on Friday or today, but I KNOW I have earned my workout stripes, since I have lifted and hauled and melted away a bazillion calories.
     Today alone I have drank 176 ounces of water!!! And, I still feel dehydrated!
     Well, we have a fun rest of the weekend planned, and I probably won't chat back until Monday morning.
     Stay cool!

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