Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick update!

     This has been a hectic day beyond belief. I have lots of blogging to do both here and on my other one, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.
     I just wanted to give you a quick update!! I am a grandma again!! My step-daughter had her son tonight, and we drove up to see him!! He is soooooo beautiful.
     Holding him makes you think about what really counts in life, makes you realize that the little things or even annoying things...they don't matter!
     I had a meeting today after school, and then I had Weight Watchers, and I am happy to report that I lost.
     Not a big loss, but I lost .8 of a pound, which the big news is that I am now UNDER 230!!!! I weigh 229.2 with at total of 23.4 pounds. And, I will take it!!!!!!!
     The rest of the group: 5.6, 3.4, 2.8, .8(me), .4. I call that a good week!!
     Then tonight we also had our little one's graduation from Montessori. I am sad to see us leave that school!!!
     More to come, pics and all :) Tomorrow, promise.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Running with the mule!

Tonight I caught Buttermilk. Rick spent hours trying to catch her, and she would not come to him (she seriously does love girls more).

Anyhow, after I caught her, I brushed her, and then I worked with her. She is funny and has a super personality.

I had the best workout. I wanted to see if I could get her to trot with me, and she did. Now, I am excited to work with her on a daily basis. This will be good exercise for both of us!

I just had the best walk/jog EVER!

      I love walking up here on the flats; it's a totally different feel than in my in town neighborhood in Okanogan.
      What I like the most: fragrant flowers, growing gardens, farm animals galore (horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs), cute houses, cuter landscaping ideas, and birds everywhere serenading me.
      I do have this fascination about birds, and I want to learn more about them, so I can identify any bird I see. I did see some that I don't know, but I also saw goldfinches, quail, killdeer, robins, turkey buzzards, and crows.
      Now, to the walk. I was planning on walking for three minutes and then jogging for a minute, with those intervals all the way through my walk of two and half miles.
      I don't have a digital watch (asking for a runner's watch for my b-day), so I was trying to use my phone, and that was not working very well.
      I ditched the time idea (until I have the proper equipment), and instead I did the distance thing. I walked for three telephone poles, and then jogged for two, and alternated that pattern until the very end where I jogged for three and walked for two.
      I felt really good, strong, and stinky! My goal is to do this outside interval training every other day. With all the reading I have done about running, I know that I shouldn't do it every day until I work up to that.
      I did a thorough job of stretching before and after my walk/jog, what I think I am going to start calling my wog.
      Something I noticed, an observation, if you will. I found that the interval training outside felt different than when I do the same on the treadmill, eliptical, or recumbent bike. I talked with my girlfriend, and we both think that maybe it's related to the mental aspect of it all.
      When you are interval training outside, you see where you are jogging and where you are walking, but inside and stationary, you just change pace. I don't know...
      My plan is on the interim days to go for a good walk or bike ride. On this plan, I will absolutely be ready for the 5K in October!

31 more miles!

      I have mostly been walking, less riding the recumbent bike because I want to get outside!! I need to have my road bike tuned-up, ASAP!
      I love walking in the evening in my neighborhood, as it smells scrumptious with all the bbqs going!
      And, the flowers are delightful, too!
      So, this week I walked 31 miles! That takes me to just past The Dalles, OR and through one of my favorite places Hood River!
     I could sit on the bank and watch the windsurfers for hours on end. I can see why they call it the Wind Surfing Capital of the World!
     After leaving there and continuing along the river, I end up in The Dalles.
     First thing I think is interesting about this place is that it is NOT called Dalles, Oregon, but rather THE Dalles, Oregon.
     I remember as a young girl, when we drove from California to Washington, driving our caravan of vehicles and stuff through the Dalles. I had lived for many years in Texas (before California), so I liked the name of the town because it reminded me of Dallas, Texas.
     The Dalles is known for being the end of the Oregon Trail. But, really it's a place of tons of recreational opportunities! Check out the Columbia River Gorge, need I say more??
     I can't wait for summer vacation! All of this virtual world inspires me for the real world opportunities that are waiting for me!

Another new site!!!!

     I have been so inspired to return to my writing that I have started another blog!!!! I am going to share my poems and photos, and maybe even my novel chapters at some point.
     I hope you enjoy! If you feel inspired, send me something, and I will share it, too.
     Here is the link:

Thursday, May 22, 2008


     Our yearbooks arrived today! Woo hoo! That's always a SUPER fun day!!!
     Even better the kids were freaking out about how a picture of me during winter that doesn't look anything like me now!!!
     THAT is inspiring! I can't wait to return in September and see what I look like then!


     As some of you know, I am/was in the process of writing a novel. Well, I have two novel ideas, but only one have I started, and it was last summer when I began it.
     I am eager to return to it, as soon as school is out. I am even thinking about posting chapters on my other blog weekly... We shall see.
     Definitely it is one of my SUMMER goal to finish the novel I have started. I know that may not seem to do with health, but it does connect perfectly in that it is my spiritual and mental health - I love to write!
     What are my other goals for these soon-to-be summer months, you ask?
     Lose 20 pounds by September 1st; that's the goal, but I would really like to lose 31, so I would return to school under 200 pounds.
     I am going to go on many hikes this summer, some more leisurely and that will include the little one, and others with my hiking girls! We might even ressurect our hiking weekend, good times camping out!!
     But, for sure, I have some specific BIG hikes I am planning (more to come on that).
     I am planning a couple of big events that I will definitely give you more details on soon.
     I want to work up to jogging/running and be able to run a 5K. As a matter of fact, I am going to register for the Autumn Leaf Run. First off, I think it's cool that they are in their 8th year! And, it totally reminds me of the Autumn Leaf Walk, Run, and Roll event up in Leavenworth.
      We are definitely camping more this summer. I think it will be nice to stay sort of close (there are so many amazing places in our vicinity for us to camp), but we will still feel like we are escaping the hub bub of life.
     My little one and I are going to take horesback riding lessons. I am soooo excited for this. I am thrilled to learn all about horses and to do so with my step-daughter.
     Besides the goals and things I want to accomplish this summer, we have some fun plans, too. We will have at least one big trip (thinking the ocean), and maybe even go on it with Rick's brother's family.
      We plan on visiting Cody, and maybe my sister and parents who all live in Vegas.
      We will be spending more time with Rick's oldest daughter and her beautiful children!!
      I know we also have lots of little side trips (airshow, motorcycle rides, visits to Spokane to see Munkey, etc.).
      I am on the countdown! Only ten days of school left!

Hmmmmmm...I wonder?

      I was just thinking how I have lost over 20 pounds, and I have walked over 200 miles. I wonder if there is a correlation between pounds and miles, really??
     We will check this theory out! If at 300 miles I have lost 30 pounds, then that would be SUPER cool!!!

Sign of success...

     I am wearing a pair of pants that I couldn't wear since last year!! It feels so good to have them on and be able to breathe while wearing them!!
     I did pull out some of my summer clothes, and they are pretty loose, so I will be asking for new summer stuff for my b-day.
     Yesterday, we were talking about our last advisory session with kids and about making summer goals.
     I, too, am writing down my summer goals. I am not finished yet, but I will give you one of the goals right now.
     I will lose 20 pounds before I come back to school at the end of August! That's my concrete goal, but I would really like to lose between now and then 31 because then I would be under 200. BUT, for now I am shooting for 20, and we will just see what happpens.
     Have a SUPER Thursday, and be healthy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


     So, good news and not really bad news, but...
     I lost one pound!!!! Woo hoo!!! I am at 230 exactly. That is the semi-bad news. The lady subtracted incorrectly a couple of weeks ago, and tonight we caught it.
     To update, I should've been -21.6 last week instead of -21.8, so it was off by -.2. My total right now is I am down 22.6 pounds.
     I was so stoked to be under 230, but that's OK. A loss is a loss, and that really motivates me for this upcoming week!!!
      The other gals: One lost 3, another 2.6, one had a gain (not sure how much), and one of us did not weigh in because she is icky sicky.

Why is it?

     Today I feel thick or full or fat. I don't know why because I have not overeaten, and I just woke up a couple of hours ago.
     I have been walking lots; besides the big Relay walking, I have been walking around the neighborhood, avoiding vicious canines, and also riding the recumbent bike all since the last weigh-in last Wednesday.
      But, there is something about Wednesday mornings and feeling fat. Maybe it's psychological and all about the weigh-in; I don't know.
     Just yesterday I had several kids throughout the day in different classes ask me about how much weight I have lost, so I know that it is more and more noticeable.
     And, a new shirt I bought at the beginning of May, which I bought in a smaller size, well, I wore that yesterday, and it's almost too big.
     I will let you know what the scale says tonight. Be healthy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Off to see the doctor

     I had to take Jordie to the doctor because he had these bug bites from when he went to camp that were pretty ugly, and I just didn't know what they could be.
     The doctor said they weren't contagious (phew), and that it was either a bug bite or an allergic reaction to something.
     Today, I think I am going to make a doctor's appointment for me. I still have the pitting edema AND now I have swollen lymph nodes along the right side of my neck.
     Besides the pitting edema my feet are swelling, too. So, I don't know what's up, and I don't like to look symptoms up on the internet, because it always seems like you find nasty, bad things that the symptoms could be. Too much information, I suppose.

Dumb dogs!

     Don't misunderstand me, I like dogs. We have four of our own.
     BUT, I don't like dogs who wander and then on top of being out of their yards, I don't like aggressive dogs!
     Last night while the guys were eating dinner and watching tv, I walked around the neighborhood with a friend, and we ran into one such dog.
     He was MEAN. I thought for sure one of us was going to be bit!
     He was barking, snarling, growling, showing his teeth, raising his hair, and just being scary.
     Apparently where he lives does have a fence, but not a tall enough one, and he is able to jump over it.
     I want to know why I can't just walk down the street without the fear of being eaten??
     Besides that we had a super walk!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Still on the trip...

     This week counting my 9 miles in one night, I have 29 miles total! It puts me just 7 miles west of Hood River.
     On the map, you will see some new places that I have marked. First off, I marked the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort. I have visited there once, and now blogging on this virtual trip, I realize how much I would like to go back and visit again. I think I will have to organize a girl trip in that direction.
     I was thinking about making a Women's hiking trip, and we could have a day at the spa as the reward!!
     I would like to hike Mt. Defiance!! I guess you can see all the big mountains around you, and it sounds like a challenge. Good summer plan, for sure!
     I also added the Bonneville Dam, the Cascade Locks, and Viento State Park along the route. I am technically about 6 miles east of Viento.
     Totally check out the Cascade Locks link, as it tells you all about the Bridge of Gods!
     I just love all of these places because they are such rich in history and geography!
     This virtual tour is making me itchy for a real one! I think we are headed to the ocean again, and I have a surprise trip or two up my sleeve, too!
     I am pretty motivated this week to rack up at least 30 miles, as life is, hold on to your pants here, but life is SLOWING down.


     THANK you! I appreciate your readership!! I can't believe that the counter rolled over to 20,000 for this page. And, technically, that hasn't been since I started, but it's the number with which I am going.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tired, but happily so!

     Last night and this morning I participated in my third Relay for Life, and by far this was the BEST one!
     I organized two teams this year, one of my National Honor Society kids, and the other was an Okanogan School District employee team that we called No Adult Left Behind!
     First, my NHS kids are just AMAZING kids! We had, by far, the best team shirt there. (I will take a picture, and post it!)
     The kids were all organized, and we had tons of food and fun. Every time slot was filled and nobody skipped out.
     The same goes for the NALB team. I work with some incredible people!
     Our district received a Bronze award for all the money we earned!
     I walked my 36 laps (or nine miles), and I did some major walking from 2-4 a.m. I am glad I met my goal, and I am tired and sore right now.
     I also had my step-daughter and my granddaughter at the Relay, and I think those girls probably had one of the best nights ever! They were so cute, and all my high school kids just love and adore them!
     Plus Jordie was there, and I think the little girls even hitch a piggyback ride while walking!
     The girls walked 20 laps!!!! That's 5 miles for a six and seven year old! They just loved the whole get a paperclip for every lap you walk.
     I will try to post pics later, but for now I am going to take a shower (both kids just finished their showers), and maybe get a nap in before my step-daughter and I have hair appointments!
     All in all...I loved my Relay experience this year, and I cannot wait for next year!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bone Marrow Registry

     Are you registered with the National Bone Marrow Registry? It's simple to do, and it could certainly save a life!
     The registry currently is offering free kits through next Monday. Check out the National Bone Marrow Registry online if you are interested.
     Or you can come tomorrow to Okanogan High School from 10-5 to register for free. It's just a quick swab in your mouth, fill out some forms, and you could save a life!
     We have two children in our community or with ties to our community who are directly related to this cause.
     You can check out Parker Brown's site or Madilyn Coats site to check in on these kiddos or leave their families the support and love you have for them.
     Choose to make a difference today!

Relay for Life!

     Relay for Life is today!! Come out to Okanogan High School and check out what it's all about!!!
     There are 23 teams this year! I have two teams going!!!
     The opening ceremony and Survivor Lap is at 6:30; that's always touching!
     The Luminary Walk (in silence and in the dark) is at 9:30.
     Come see what it's all about!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little of this, and a little of that

     This is a picture from when we visited Seattle last week. I love that piece of artwork (it's at the locks in Ballard).
     Last night we had a great dinner at my oldest step-daughter's house. She is such a good cook, but even better she eats very healthy.
     I love that she always has so many good choices, and I was able to eat everything on the table!
     Last night our little one rode on the motorcycle with Dad, and she loves it! Now that she is six, she can go for rides! Quite the highlight for her.
     Today was a bit hectic, but BOY OH BOY, bring on the sunshine! After work, Ricky and I went for a motorcycle ride.

     I definitely am proud of the fact that we have made an effort to take time out to relax!
     We went out to see his horse that he is having a guy break. I just love that horse, and even more the baby horses (colts) that were out there, too. I love our horse's blue eyes!!

     We had such a great ride; it was very relaxing!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pleasantly surprised!

     WOO hoo!!! I lost 3.6 pounds!! That is a total of 21.8 pounds, and I have less that one pound to lose to break into the 220s!!! I am also now just around three pounds to my 10% goal!!
     I did not expect it by any means. I only have the total for one other person; she lost 4.2, with a total of 34 pounds now!
     I will try to have some totals of where we all are now!! I am feeling quite inspired.
     This weekend is Relay for Life, and I am even more determined to walk 36 laps (9 miles), one lap for each year of my life.
     I can't wait to camp overnight, and it's going to be HOT weather!!! My little one and Jordie are staying the night, too!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


     Although I am dreading weigh-in tomorrow, and I am just feeling heavy (still retaining water, pitting edema).
     Really I am not dreading the weigh-in, but I have a feeling I will have gained some weight. I just haven't been vigilant about things this past couple of weeks.
     This past week I don't feel like I have exercised as hard (maybe as much, but just not the intensity level). I haven't taken my vitamins nor consumed enough water.
     BUT, what's good about the weekly weigh-in is that it will kick me in the butt to get things back in gear! I think it will be good motivation, and I will definitely update you to me.
     But, even with all of that, I HAVE GOOD NEWS! I had a shirt I wore on February 29th (a week before I stared WW), and I couldn't button it, nope, not happening.
     This morning I tried it on, and I could button it, and I had tons of room!!!!



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where in the world is Trisha now?

     This week I have 20 miles logged not counting the walking on the trip to Seattle. I don't know how to count that exactly since I don't have a pedometer.
     I know I walked at least 3 miles, so that's what I will go with a total of 23 miles for this week.
     This basically takes me to about five miles west of Bonneville, Oregon. I have some very fun things coming up on this road!
     One place that we just went through is Multnomah Falls.
I love this place! I have hiked these falls more times than I can remember. I have one memory where I went with my best friend, and that was one of the best road trips ever. I have even taken my boys there. The falls are just beautiful. I also have a good friend who loves the falls so much that she commissioned an artist to paint the falls on her wall in her house.

Whatta week (gone and coming)

     It has been many days now since I have blogged. I have missed you!
     Well, to start, the last time I blogged was Wednesday evening, and lots has been going on since then.
     Thursday morning I headed off to Seattle with a group to go and see a production at the Rep, and we also went to the EMP.
     I love taking kids on cultural field trips that truly expand their vision of our world.
     Jordie went with our group, too, so it was some good time to spend with him, as well.
     It is, however, a VERY long ride on a bus over to Seattle, and I am excited that our trip next year will probably be over to Spokane to see my FAVORITE musical Phantom of the Opera.
     This year's trip was our fourth year in a row going, and it is a highlight of the year for all of us that go.
     I was a bit worried about eating and staying with the WW plan, but really it was far easier than I imagined, as we just made a point to always stop somewhere that included a grocery store besides fast food options.
     And, I did pack lots of snacks (including popcorn that I popped before we went).
     I am proud of all the choices I made for eating, and the only thing I could improve upon would be the water consumption. Part of that was just being on a bus and not having the easy access to stop and use the restroom if necessary.
     We did tons of walking, including a side trip to the locks in Ballard. I just love visiting there. I love the gardens and the boats and just the general environment. We have gone there many times as a family, and it's one of Rick's favorite places to go when we are over in the Seattle area.
     The show we went to was amazing, and it makes me want to go to Vegas and catch a Circus Du Soleil ( I want to see the new Beattles show particularly.) show, as it was very much in that spirit. It was funny, amazing, romantic, intense, and simply entertaining.
     The EMP was a good time, and even though I have been there MANY times now, I love how they always have something new that is of interest to me. I love their Jimi Hendrix exhibit the most.
     This time I went to the Science Fiction museum for the first time, and it was definitely worth the time. I also enjoyed the exhibit called American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music.
     Although it may not be powerwalking, I did walk tons on our trip! So, I exercised my mind, heart, and body!
     We returned home late Friday afternoon, and then yesterday we had our OHS Cheer yard sale. The weather cooperated, and we had a prime location (thanks to Larry Neely at the Omak Feed Store). The girls were very successful.
     And, that brings us to today, which is Mother's Day! Busy times, indeed.
     The upcoming week looks just as busy. Tomorrow is our little one's actual birthday, then Tuesday is Rick's birthday, Wednesday is a dentist appointment and the baseball banquet, and Friday through Saturday is the Relay for Life (I have organized two teams this year!). BUSY!
     Thankfully there is some time in there for exercise! Oh, and Jordie will be gone all week as a counselor at Camp Progress. SIGH.
     I hope you have a super week! Be happy and healthy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Holding steady

I was feeling "fat" today, even though I tried on a shirt this morning that I wore to the preschool auction that I could not button, and now I can.

I did not lose any weight or gain any weight this week. I wasn't too surprised because I had not exercised as much as I would have liked and do normally.

Just been crazy busy. I need to get on the morning mode of exercising again because that is when I can make it happen and not worry about the busy day that sometimes gets in the way.

So, I had a zero. One person lost 2.8 (biggest loser), another 1.6, and another gained (not sure how much), and I don't see the other regular in our group or our newbie.

It's definitely a big difference from our results last week, and that's why I am really OK with this week because I know next week will be better, and I know this is all about the journey, and for me it's a long one.

Delightful and Delicious!!!

Delightful and delicious!

OK, I know this recipe has been around for apparently forever, but it’s new (and news) to me! It’s called the Diet Soda Cake! But, since I live in the North and not the South anymore, I will call it the Diet Pop Cake!

My friend Barb Orr makes the recipe often, and she shared some of it with me last week, so on Monday night I made my own!

Basically you take a cake mix (and, buyer beware not all cake mixes are the same in calorie content) and add a can of diet pop and don’t add any eggs or oil.

So you are only eating the calories of the unprepared cake mix. Let me just tell you…YUMMY. It’s definitely denser than a normal cake, but it was just perfect. Because it’s thicker, a smaller piece fills you up.

I used a devil’s food chocolate cake mix with a diet Dr. Pepper. For what I made, and the servings I cut, I had only 2 points per serving for the cake and nothing for my homemade frosting. I made my cake mix as cupcakes, but I won’t do that next time. Instead I will bake it in a cake pan.

I made frosting out of fat-free Cool-Whip, and I added a package of sugar-free, fat-free butterscotch pudding mix. For a dollop, it’s truly no points!

There are all sorts of variations I have read out there. I plan on trying an Angel Food Cake mix with diet strawberry and then topping it with the fat-free Cool-Whip and strawberries!

Be creative! Try different mixes with different pops! Be healthy and enjoy!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

149 miles! I love the city of roses!!!!

     Today I went for a wonderful walk! I walked down and up Robinson Canyon again. Although it's only a four-mile roundtrip walk; it really gets me sweating!
     On the way back up the hill I counted the posts holding the guardrails: 330! That's on the left side if you are walking up the hill.
     I felt so good! I love being outside. It was so warm and sunny today, makes me feel like summer is actually on its way.
     Altogether I have walked/rode 21 miles, which is a healthy average of 3 mies a day.
     Now, I am officially just past Gresham, Oregon on my virtual trip, but I am going to focus on Portland, Oregon.
     I love going to Portland. There are tons of things I enjoy doing there.
     If you go, you have to go to Powell's Bookstore and I love going to Saturday Market, which feels to me like an outdoor mini-Pike Place sort of thing.
     Powell's. Let me just tell you I have spent five hours in that store before. It's amazing. I once even found a book that I had lost from a set of books that my grandma gave me when I was a little girl.
     By far, Powell's is my favorite bookstore in the world.
     There's a definite reason that they call Powell's a City of Books!
     My favorite place to eat out in Portland is Morton's Steakhouse. I had such a super cool experience the last time I was there, and the steak was some of the best I have ever eaten!
     And, if you want to stay in a cool place, you have to stay at the Benson Hotel!!
     I could live in Portland. I have a good friend who lives there now. Nice to visit. It makes me want to go this summer, again!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Looking different!

     It must be that I have lost enough weight that has made it noticeable because just today I had four different people mention how much weight I have lost! That is VERY inspiring!!
     It's funny because not so long ago I was wondering where the magical number of lost pounds when people will finally notice.
     I know my clothes feel differently, and I wore pants this week that I had never even worn.
     I feel great!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Denzel is the man!

     I recently read an article about Denzel Washington. I have always liked his acting, and I also am impressed with his apparent ability to remain humble in the world of Hollywood.
     Well, in this article he said something that resonnated with me.
     "Do what you need to, so you can do what you want to."
     That totally relates to this changing my life journey! I need to do certain things and continue to do them, so I can do all the things I want to.
     I want to climb Mt. Kilmanjaro someday. I want to wear size 10 pants again. I want to run a mile or two straight.
     Oh, there's plenty more things I want to do, and I am just proud that I am doing the things that I NEED to do!
     Last night was our 8th week of doing WW. I am sticking with these changes I have made; they feel great!
     Be healthy!