Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 Crazy GOOD days :)

Tomorrow it will be my third week at the gym. I was figuring out that my gym membership at the rate I am working out is only $2.33 a day. And, if I consider the fact that I have been going TWICE a day, well, that makes it $1.16 a visit!!! I am able to take classes, which so far I have only taken the Spinning class (and, I have gone to 3 weeks in a row now!). I do plan on trying out the Group Power, Group Kick, Yoga Fitness and the Zumba classes there (I do ZUMBA at my school on Tuesdays with an awesome instructor). I am really happy with the motivation joining the gym has given me!!!

I did try on two pairs of pants that I couldn't wear when I started the gym three weeks ago, and they fit! I asked Rick if they were public worthy or too tight, and he said I can totally wear them in public!!! I also packed away all of my size 18 pants (I had already packed up the 20s). Now, all I have in my armoire are size 14 and size 16 pants :))) LOVE it :)


fruits/veggies- yes
water - yes
vitamins - yes
calories - yes
exercise - ABSOLUTELY YES!

Zucchini - 20
Cauliflower - 20
Carrots - 20
Cutie - 45
Apple slice -5

Protein shake – frozen strawberries, Adam’s PB, APEX mix – 320

Pizza Hut wings- HOLY calories, Bat Man! I didn't know before I bought them.
Mild traditional buffalo wings 180- for 2 I had 5 - 450
Garlic Parmesan traditional wings -110 – for 2- I had 5 - 275

1155 calories in
1340 calories out
Net calories - 185

My exercise:
1000 calories – 2 ½ hours at Healthy Heart - WOW!!! I had so much fun :) I ran this, and I worked out hard!!!
340 – 30 minutes on Arc Trainer - YES, I did go to the gym, even after working out at the Healthy Heart Event!!!


fruits/veggies- NOPE :( only 3 servings
water - yes
vitamins - yes
calories - NO :(
exercise - yes

Coffee with creamer - 40
Zucchini - 20
Protein shake – 310

Salad – 25
Dressing -40

Chuck eye steak – one site says 43 calories per ounce, the other says 50- so I am going with 46.5 per ounce. I ate 7 ounces. 325.50

Net calories = 245

I had a killer workout! I was stressed, and honestly I found myself wanting to snack. So, I just headed out to the gym instead. I ran/jogged for 45 minutes. I changed my speed and incline often. I had my incline on 1.0 for when I was recovering, but I even had it up to the max of 15 incline and 3.5 mph! I even ran at 7 mph for 2 minutes. I just kept going and going and changing, and in the end, I burned 515 calories!!!! I was so sweaty--even the back of my shirt.

I was SUPER sore from yesterday, which was all about working out with our bodies--lots of lunges, squats, wall sits, etc. I am SO SORE today, and The Old Trisha would have used that as an excuse to not workout, but I still went. I am really feeling it right now, but OH IT FEELS SO GOOD :)))

This was an awesome week of working out!!! I am looking forward to this next week. I have already scheduled all my exercise, and the meals are all planned and prepped. READY SET GO!

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