Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sizzzzzzzzzzzling Sunday :)

Great workout today! I feel like I am on FIRE!!!
Boy, what a difference my i-pod and gum makes for my run!

So, I ran 3 miles today :) I warmed up and cooled down at 4.0, but I ran at 6 and 7 the whole time!!! That's the best I have ever done!! I FELT SO ALIVE!!! Who woulda thought I would ever dig running?!?!

I was able to run at 7 which is 8:34 minute miles for half a mile! Though it does say on the converter that since I am running at 0% incline, that it is less than running outside because a) it's never totally level, and b) there is always some sort of wind. So, it says that it was 8:56 a mile. If I put it on 1% incline, then it would be 8:32 a mile! I am going to start running with a 1% incline from now on!!

I still cannot believe the incredible difference and improvement in my running!! It make me excited for my half-marathon in April :)))

And, today I decided to do some weights, as I want to incorporate some weights into EVERY workout. Nothing major or hard core, as I am looking to tone up! Here is what I did today...
I used 8 pound dumbbells, and I did 2 sets of 20, unless otherwise noted :)

Tree huggers (laying on a bench)
Bench press (laying on a bench)
Alternating Bicep curls (sitting on a bench)
Bicep curls at the same time--not alternating--8 pounds -1 set of 20
Tricep kickbacks, but I call them ski arms, since I am standing, and I feel like I am moving ski poles – back to 8 pounds - 2 sets of 20
Tricep overhead extension
With weight assistance-100 pounds, means I am lifting 92 pounds
5 chin-ups
5 dips

I am excited because tonight we are going to hang out with our friends :) We decided that we would bring items based on our the first initial of our first names. They are in charge of the main dish and drinks, and we had side dish and dessert. So, I made a triple cheese tortellini salad, and triple cheese garlic bread sticks for my "T" and raspberry cheesecake for my honey's "R":))) FUN, right?!? I have done this before with my students, and they love it, so I knew this would be a good time!! We are going to have fun tonight!!!!!!!

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