Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today a friend gave me an interesting article :) It was about the effects of stress and its correlation to belly fat. It also had a big emphasis on spiritual or religious beliefs and how they have a positive impact on decreasing stress. Really interesting studies and info. SO, it also mentioned that people who do some sort of daily thinking--whether it be praying, meditating, writing, and it even SPECIFICALLY mentioned a thankful journal. YEAH! It made me think of exactly how I feel and have felt since I started my thankful blog back in November--just that difference in outlook and positive energy. COOL.

Today was another GOOD DAY :)

water – 120 ounces
6 servings of fruits and veggies
EXERCISE – ROCKED another double day! (The Firm – 340 AND elliptical - 320)
Calories –Yup!
Vitamins – YES!

The Firm – 350 – HRM registered more today than yesterday. I did feel like it was harder for some reason…boy, I love starting my day off with exercising :) Then this afternoon I went up to the club, and I worked for 30 minutes on the weight management cycle of the elliptical machine. That felt REALLY GOOD! I burned 320 calories doing that!!!

Calories IN -- 1472
smoothie – blueberry/raspberry – 150
coffee – 90

Open Nature bar – 190
banana – 90

carrots – 20
celery – 20
LC cheese – 35
soup – 200 – Progresso Chicken and Rice soup

Cutie - 45

tomato basil tortilla -68
hamburger meat - 164
salsa - 50
cheese - 50
sour cream -40
lettuce -10
beans- 50
chips - 200

Net calories - 802

Totally stoked about working out!! What's interesting is that I just WANT to work out!!!! I filled out my calendar for February writing down all the exercise I plan on doing. There are SOOOOO many classes at the club I joined!!! So, I for sure want to do some of those!! I can't wait to try yoga :) I bough ta new racquet to play racquetball!! I can't wait to play!!!!!!!!!!!!

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