Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday! BIG day for me :))

192.8 last week
195.6 this week
SO, that's a gain of 2.8 pounds :( BUT, I am OK with that!

Today I worked out TWICE.
Today I joined the fitness club.
Today I started my Physique Challenge.
LOOK OUT WORLD! TODAY was a good day :)

I have decided that I am going to track my calories, but not my calcium and protein anymore, as I can see that I have eaten enough of both on a daily basis! And, until I am at a place where I need to be focused on those things then I will.

Calories - YUP!
Veggies/fruits - YUP!
Vitamins - YUP!
Exercise - YUP YUP!

Calories out = 450
Calories in = 1148
Net calories = 698

What went in...
Poached egg -78
coffee - 90

banana -110
string cheese - 80

rice cakes - 60
all natural lunch meat -60
LC cheese - 35
pudding - 60
Open Nature - 190

cheese - 60
bun -150
shredded BBQ pork-150 -- so nice that I had it all ready in the freezer, since I worked out this evening. And, it is SOOOO tender!
carrots - 20
cukes - 25
celery - 20

What went out...
I did The Firm this morning! YEAH! It was Day 27. I also did ride the bicycle at the club, when I went to sign up for the Physique Challenge :) YEAH me! Working out twice!

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