Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's been a SUPER DUPER week :))

I know I haven't blogged in days!!! SHEESH.

So, Wednesday we headed down to Wenatchee in the evening to go and watch Styx play! They were fabulous :))) I loved the local opening band, Linus and Lucy! Good times, but we didn't get home until close to midnight.

Then Thursday I didn't get home until late because I got my hair done late in the evening, came home and did homework with our little one, and then crashed out after we were done snuggling and reading.

SO, Friday rolled around, and I had a funeral to go to after school. It was bittersweet indeed. I am so glad my friend Marge is not suffering anymore, but it was sad to say good-bye. I headed home--after grabbing some yummy tamales for dinner--and, then I had to pack for the trip to Everett and Seattle. Once all that was done, I just wanted to hang with my honey and decompress. I seriously felt so TIRED--physically and emotionally.

Saturday morning I headed out with some of my cheerleaders to go over to STATE cheer! One of my girls performed with the All-Americans, so that was an awesome and proud moment :) We loved watching the high school squads who were competing to be the best in our state!!! I feel so inspired for my cheer team!! It was also fun to watch the U of W cheer time perform, WOW!

Then we headed down to Seattle--I LOVE SEATTLE! The weather was INCREDIBLE. No wind, completely clear skies, and high 50s/low 60s. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! We visited the Seattle Center, and WOWSER the Space Needle was so pretty on such a clear night. SIGH. Then we checked out all of the amazing stuff around there. After that we headed to Pike Place Market, and that was fun, too. We decided to finish our night out with a visit down to the waterfront--oh and all of this was on foot, of course! We happened upon the gum wall in Post Alley!!!! OMGAWSH that was super cool, GROSS, but cool. And, I have been to Pike's Place probably 20+ times, and I have never found it, only heard of it, and then we did find ON ACCIDENT. So fun. Then, down at the waterfront, we all rode on the carousel :)) THAT was fun, too! We had a nice dinner on the waterfront, did a little shopping, and even found a little toy that we left in a new place--quite the adventure!!! It was just so nice to have a girls getaway :)))

We drove home today, early in the beautiful sunshine. Then got ready and headed over to our best friends' home to watch the Super Bowl, which we do every year! Good times :)

SO...let's recap this week for my goals.
Well, I did not work out--other than LOTS of walking in Seattle, and lots of stairs. It was just one of those weeks, and guess what??? I AM OK with it. It's life.

I did eat well. All my fruits and veggies. I did write everything down. I didn't keep track of anything but calories. So, I don't really know the status of my protein and calcium. BUT, I did eat a hamburger AND fries at Red Robin last night, and AGAIN, I am good with that! It was such a special occasion, and I was good with it! Today I did eat some Super Bowl goodies, but again--it's part of my life!

I have been drinking enough water, but some days, it has just been so hard to get 100 ounces!!!

Vitamins--not every day, but I did take them 5 of 6 days.

Not sure how the weigh-in will go tomorrow...might have a gain. But, oh well!

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week!! I will start over blogging like I do again tomorrow!!

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