Sunday, February 12, 2012


I did go see the Journey 2: Mystery Island tonight. It was OK. I personally see it as a Netflix kind of movie. I have to say that THE ROCK is soooo hot! And, he sings in the movie, SIGH :)

I have all sorts of movies I wanna see right now!

I missed One for the Money! UGH. Gonna maybe go see it in Wenatchee.

This Means War looks ADORABLE, I love Reese, and what a fun idea for a movie!

THE VOW, hello..who wouldn't want to see it? I love Rachel and Channing, and WHAT a storyline. Awwww.

I REALLY really REALLY want to see Chimpanzee (Disney Nature)!! OH MY looks so good, and it's so amazing that they filmed it. I would LOVE to see it on the I-MAX! I feel a Seattle trip in the works! I love that it shows the love of a parent, who is not the biological parent.

HUNGER GAMES --It will be out March 23rd! YAHOO, such a GREAT trilogy :) Can't wait to see the movie!!!

So, I knew Wenatchee had the new movie theater where the old K-Mart was, and I had heard it was big. WHAT I DIDN'T know is that it has an option to eat dinner and watch a movie at the same time!!! COOL :) We might have a trip to Wenatchee happening this next LONG weekend!

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