Monday, February 27, 2012

Crashed out early! --MY MONDAY

191.4 last week
190 this week
loss of 1.4

GRRRRrrrr so close to being out of the 190s!! Next week :) But, it is an even 54 pounds!!!!

Today was a good day. I was still sore today! DANG Healthy Heart event :)

water- yes
calories - yes
fruits/veggies - yes
exercise - yes
vitamins - nope :( crashed out too early...

I exercised in the morning, riding the recumbent bike and reading my book--it's soooo good! That was 280 calories burned. I did not get back to the gym after school because we had Girl Scouts. That's the first time in a long time that I did not have a double workout day!

I was TOTALLY exhausted last night :(( So tired that I took a nap after dinner--feel asleep on the couch. And, then I got up to read with our little one, and when we were done with that bedtime routine, I just stayed in bed for the night. ZOIKS!

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