Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Already Wednesday!

I can't believe I lost three pounds this last week, considering I started TOM this morning!

I did work out again TWICE! This morning I did an alpine hill recumbent bike workout for 30 minutes, and then today after school, I worked out on the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. It was one of the most intense cardio workouts I have had! I was sweating BIG TIME!!!

OK, so an observation. The Old Trisha would have skipped the afternoon workout because of TOM and the cramps and it being the first day--you understand my woman woes--but, instead I went, and I ended up with a crazy intense workout! And, I am acting like I am trying to get a cold. I have had that going on for two days now, but I am trying VERY hard to fight it. SO, again, The Old Trisha would have been content with skipping the afternoon workout to go home and lounge on the couch. But, I didn't. AND, let us not forget my psycho tooth pain! I have had it since last June, when I had a crown put on it, and then in October it started hurting again, and finally in December I even had to have medicine--antibiotics to try and combat the likely infection--and had to schedule my root canal, with nothing available in December, and no time for me in January, so now I am finally going tomorrow. It has been especially ugly in the pain department these past two weeks--so, how easy would it have been to be The Old Trisha and use that as an excuse to not workout?!?! But, I think you are starting to get the pattern.

BOY OH was SUGAR hangover for my students! And, I think I might have had a tad bit of it, but I am not sure how much of it was that or the TOM. Needless to say, mid-morning I had a KILLER headache that I was sure was going to grow into a migraine--even saw the precursor spots--but, with the help of Excedrin Migraine I managed to dissolve that bugger and carry on!

Water - 100 ounces
fruits and veggies- 5.5 servings
calories - YES!
exercise - YES, YES! I deserve that double affirmation :)
vitamins - Yes, indeedy!

Calories IN = 1249
Protein Shake-235- Apex Fit Lite Meal Replacement- Chocolate - 1/2 scoop 95 calories, frozen strawberries - 40, Adam's PB 1 tbsp- 100, water and ice.
Americano = 0 :) I don't know what got me started on this...but, I do love Americanos, and I love coffee, and I love that it has NOTHING in it, and that it is zero calories!

Garden Burger- 120
tuna- 70
almonds - 160
strawberries - 50
carrots - 20

jerky - 70

lasagna - 454
salad- 50 (cukes, lettuce, tomatoes)
homemade honey mustard dressing - 20

Calories OUT= 972
recumbent bike - I rode the ALPINE Hill course, and I average 16 miles per hour!! My HRM said 456.
elliptical trainer- 516

WHOA...not many net calories. That's something I need to ask my friends--my nutrition experts :)

This week is just flying by. I didn't go to work on Monday, since I had a meeting in Chelan. Tuesday was a sugar-high tornado that stormed by in a blur. Today was normal day. Tomorrow is a quick dental trip to Wenatchee, and Friday is half-day. SO, wowser!

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