Sunday, February 19, 2012

A new vibe!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad I joined the gym! It's so worth it! I feel completely recharged!!! I was able to play some racquetball this past week :) I LOVE IT! What a crazy good workout. I NEED to find a partner to play on a daily basis, which I would love to do!

I am going to try Yoga this week,too! I am excited for that :) I am glad that I will have an instructor talking me through it. I have tried yoga at home with a dvd, but I don't feel like I really know what I am doing, and I don't have a person there helping, so I am excited to have the support of an instructor!

I have a total shift in thinking. It's awesome! I am working out during the week TWICE a day!! It will be two weeks tomorrow since I joined the gym, so I am looking forward to seeing how things are going. I do know that I feel a definite difference in my clothes from this past two weeks--read my NSV blog!!

I just want to workout and want to eat healthy, and I don't feel like I have to make myself do it. Does that make sense? It feels like a second nature kicking in. I realize that I have been on this journey for eight months, which is quite honestly the LONGEST I have ever stayed on the journey!! And, I feel like I have even more motivation right now to keep it going!!

I have planned out my exercise calendar for all of February, and so far I have stuck with it!!!! I have been doing monthly meal planning for months now, and so this jus added another level which is making everything click! And, I have long-term goals, too!!

I think the key is that I have taken small steps, made short-term goals, and also have added extra goals as I go. I am feeling REALLY strong right now :)) And, trying new things, keeping everything fresh!!!

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