Monday, February 20, 2012


Last week: 192.6
This week: 191.4
Loss of 1.2 pounds

I am good with this loss! I want to lose a pound a week, so that's a tiny bit more than my goal :) And, I did have two meals of whatever I wanted...Saturday night at the Breadline (though I chose Ahi Tuna, which is a healthier choice) and chocolate b-day cake. Then last night, dinner was relatively healthy, and I was smart about portion sizes, but I DID have one piece of Cheesecake Factory delish!

Today's workout was a GREAT one!
First I did the elliptical for 30 minutes on the weight loss program. I burned 370 calories, and BOY I was sweating!

Then I rode the stationary bike--not the recumbent--for 30 minutes, and I did the alpine hill program with the setting on 10, burning 190 calories.

And, I ended my workout with lifting weights.
I did the following
seated row - 50 pounds x 20 reps, 30 pounds x 20 reps
lat pulldown- 50 pounds x 20 reps, 30 pounds x 20 reps
shoulder press - 10 pound dumbbells x 40 reps
lateral raise - 5 pound dumbbells x 20 reps
front dumbbell raise - 5 pound dumbbells x 20 reps
weight-assisted dips - 100 pounds - x 5 (yeah did 2 more!!)
weight-assited chin-ups - 100 pounds - x 5 (yeah did 2 more of these, too!!)
vertical knee raise machine- 20

Tomorrow I need to remember to wear my HRM, so I can see how many calories I burn while doing the weightlifting. I do feel GREAT--my muscles are just the right sore :)) I LOVE IT!

My tooth is out of control--what a story it has had. First, it was a filling from back in my elementary days (had a total of 4), then because it's "OLD SCHOOL METAL" quote from my dentist, which I really heard, "Since you are old..."!!! Anyhow, old school metal that expanded and contracted and then CRACKED my teeth :( Then a crown, and now a root canal, but it sounds like all the infection was not extracted, so now I am on MAJOR antibiotics, with the hope that we will kick this nasty bit, or else, I might have to go back for oral surgery :((( SO, mind you--this means pain. They did give me a pain medication prescription, which I highly doubt I will fill. BUT, it would be easy to use this as an excuse. Shoot, my mouth is even swollen. I guess I am working on the chipmunk look. HOWEVER, I will not let it be an excuse! NOT happening!!

As far as food...I really wasn't hungry today.

I didn't eat enough fruits/veggies :(
I didn't eat enough calories :(

I did drink my water!
I did have vitamins!
I did AWESOME exercise.

What I did eat:
Well, first I tried a super yummy carbonated coffee at Grandma's Attic. YUMMY!!!! I went with sugar free vanilla and just a tiny bit of half and half. It tasted just like a White Russian. HOLY YUMMY!!
It is 100 calories. It was a little too sweet for me, since I have been drinking Americanos, but it was a nice little treat!!!

I had some homemade tortellini pasta salad that I made for last night's dinner - 350 calories.

Then tonight I had a foot-long Subway veggie on whole wheat sandwich. 460 calories

I was going to cook dinner, but in the end, I just didn't feel too swell.

That puts me at...
Calories IN = 910
Calories OUT = 560 (not counting weight lifting calories)
NET calories = 350

Meals and exercise planned for the week :) I am ready!!! Bring it on :)

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