Saturday, February 18, 2012


On Monday, it will be two weeks since I have started working out at the gym, and signe up for the Physique Challenge. I was feeling a tad discouraged on the scale numbers because even though I lost three pounds this last week and it was TOM, I had gained 2.4 the week before. Bottom line is that on December 11th I went under 200, and marked in at 199.8. This last week I weighed in at 192.6,which is only 7.2 pounds in 2 months. But, really I know that is good, as it's over 3 pounds a month. I know that's good. BUT...I really want it to go faster!

SO, I did try on pants that I bought back in October from Rawson's. They are size 13/14 Wranglers, and super cute pair. I am wearing them today!!! They are not too tight, and TOTALLY cute. I did try them on two weeks ago, when I started the Physique Challenge, and I could pull them up and button them, but they were EXTREMELY uncomfortable. So, definitely that's a change!!

I have a tub in my closet of smaller clothes, so I got them out today. I am able to wear two super cute dresses I have had for a long time. As a matter of fact, one of the dresses I wore on my interview to get my job here!!! I was soooo excited :) I can't wait for nicer weather, as I will definitley wear these two dresses! One is a size 16, and it's actually loose in places!! I have another tub at storage with size 12 and some size 14 clothes.

I am definitely wearing size 16 and size 14 clothes now. I love it!

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