Monday, February 13, 2012


Today was a great Monday! I hope your Monday was as wonderful as mine :))

It started off a little rocky...first, the alarm did not go off. SO, I woke up 30 minutes late. THE OLD TRISHA would have just not gone in and worked out...but, I did go, and I got a 30-minute intense bike workout :)) I was sweating!!! For the first 15 minutes, I read this INTENSE book on my Kindle Fire, and for the second 15 minutes, I just went all hard out! I'm proud that I went to the gym, and it reminds me of Saturday when I showed up at the gym at 11:30, thinking that Zumba was at noon, when, in fact, it was at 10 a.m., and the gym closes at noon. SO, THE OLD TRISHA would have left...but, instead I ran on the elliptical trainer--and, I do mean RAN--for 30 solid minutes!!! I love my shift in thinking, and just how natural it is, and how I can't stop thinking about working out and how much I want to and what I'm going to do and when :)))

I had to go to a meeting in Chelan today. It was lots of fun, even though it was work, too! I don't see this group but three times a year, so the other people there were all excited about my weight loss!!! YEAH :))) OH MY GOODNESS, was it not gorgeous today?!?!?!! I am soooo ready for spring, and even more summer!

Then the really great thing...I rode with a good friend and fellow teacher to Chelan, and he's in THE most incredible shape. He's an athlete/coach, and he knows training and nutrition. So, we chatted about that, and it was so educational!!! I am really excited to learn more about nutrition! He's going to bring me some things to read!! We talked a lot about working out and using weights, too.

OK, so goals today:
Water- YES! 120 ounces
Calories - NO...not enough.
Exercise- YES!
Vitamins- YES!
Fruits/Veggies- 4 servings...the least I have had in a long time. But, I packed a bunch; I just wasn't hungry today.

coffee- 70

tangerine - 35

Ahi blackened tuna salad-no dressing from Campbell's. MY FAVORITE :))) I love LOVE LOVE love Ahi tuna!!! It's amazing. lettuce, peppers, kalamata olives (230--184 for the tuna)

1 piece of Papa Murphy's pepperoni pizza- WE bought a heart-shaped pizza tonight for Valentine's Eve! - 279
1 piece of cheesy bread - 109.50

strawberries - 1 cup - 49

carrots - 20

Net Calories = 474.50

It was a good day--even though I didn't eat enough. I will do better tomorrow! I have a harder time, when I am not on my normal schedule!!

I am getting up early tomorrow to head to the gym and run on the treadmill--training for my half-marathon. I might workout tomorrow afternoon, too, before we head home, after school! We are going to have a dinner of steak (honey is going to BBQ for us), shrimp and lobster! YEAH!!

All in all...I feel a shift. A change. I see how I have a different focus now. AND, I love it!!! Even just my conversation with my friend today was great! And, we have driven to this meeting for four years, three times a year, but never talked about health before!!

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