Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today was a good day! I hope your day was, too!!

vitamins - yes
water - yes
exercise - double workout day!
calories - no- today was a hectic day, and a tad bit emotional, but it was good. I just didn't feel hungry, and I was busy, so not lots of time to eat.
fruits/veggies - yes

What went in...
Open Nature bar - 200
coffee - SF/FF milk -90

zucchinni - 20
celery - 20
LC Cheese -35
Turkey veggie burger - 90

salad- croutons, homemade honey mustard - 60
shrimp - 140

And, the sweat equity...
30 minutes on the Arc Trainer at the gym--while reading an OUTSTANDING book-- 300 calories
45 minutes of Zumba after school!! LOVE ZUMBA :) 440 calories!

Calories IN = 655
Calories OUT = 740
Net calories = WHOA -85...that IS a negative 85 calories for the day. HONESTLY not on purpose, but I did notice I had tons left in my lunch bag when we got home tonight.

We had a Holocaust survivor come to my class today. She came last year, too, and it was pretty cool because she shared new things this time. I cried. I laughed. What an incredibly inspiring woman. WOW. I feel so honored.

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