Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random ramblings...

So, I have made some observations lately.

What's the deal with people exercising and either texting or even worse yell talking on their cell phones at the gym? Weird to me. I am cool with using my Kindle Fire to read a novel while I am riding the recumbent bike, but in my book, that's just not the same.

Humans are complete creatures of habit. Some people are NUTS about things being a certain way--I really notice this anal-retentive issue at the gym. I have not been directly affected, but I have watched others...NOT PRETTY. I would love to record these people, and then show them how badly they act. I kinda feel like they don't really know.

The other big notice I have had at the gym...people are so gossipy! And, don't even think this is a gender issue. This morning I heard women talking about other people, and then this afternoon these two guys were going off about other guys! WHOA! The big takeaway for me...I was very surprised that these people were trashing other people when a stranger was around. How did they know for certain I didn't know the people they were talking about? Turns out I did know some of the guys the two guys were ripping on. I'm not going to say anything, but I definitely know people from whom I will steer clear in the future! And, it just sounded so UGLY. I don't want to be that person.

BUT, it's not all like that...I have made some NEW friends, who are super positive and inspirational! And, I have reconnected with some friends from the past, which is a fun part of rejoining the gym!

Got a new blender for V-Day :) I have an awesome smoothie maker that I LOVE! But, it's good for frozen fruit, and really not ice. SO, now that I have a new blender that I can use ice!

I think every woman should own at least one TUTU and wear it!! I wore one today, and it just makes life FUN :)) My students loved it, my step-daughter loved it, I loved it, and people at Wal*Mart loved it. I even had Wal*Mart-ians clap for me--tee hee!

I noticed that the subtitles on the tv are not perfect...they have tons of grammar errors! OH the woes of an English teacher, teehee.

I intensely dislike auto-correct on my phone. MAN, some of the things it changes words, too. SHEESH! I read a funny email a co-worker sent me that had some HYSTERICAL auto-correct texts!!

Sweet things our little one has said lately:

"I love my sticky socks." These are those socks with little plastic hearts on the bottom of them.

"I am so glad to spend Valentine's Eve with you!" TOO CUTE...I had never thought of it as Valentine's Eve before :))) We had quite the little process of fully preparing for the big day of love!

"WHOA! I didn't know your hair could be THAT big!" This said to me at the end of our 80s Day!

"You make the best lunches ever, and I especially love your surprises!" That means a lot to me because I scour ideas all over the internet :)) I love being creative in the lunch department!! Well, in the cooking department all together.

I love being a MAMA :)

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