Sunday, February 12, 2012


Lots of time has gone by since my last post. SHEESH.

Well, it has been busy! What else is new right? I am going to give you the highlights!!!

1) I worked out twice a day Monday - Thursday last week!!
2) I did my first cycling class on Friday morning. OH MY GAWSH!!! It was a BLAST! It was a good workout!!! I didn't have my HRM on, so I am not sure how many calories I burned, but another gal said that her HRM registered 325 calories, so I am guessing I am right in that ballpark, but I will know for sure next Friday!
3) It was a busy week, with TWO nights of concessions--part of the reason I didn't blog...that and working out both in the morning and the afternoon/evening.
4) We had Chinese food Friday night. Why am I telling you this?? Two reasons. First, AGAIN, I am not on a diet...HERE IS MY MANTRA--

So, sharing my Chinese food for Friday dinner definitely demonstrates this. And, the second reason I am sharing is because I just had one plate, and the old Trisha would have had three or four. SO, that feels good that I can eat what I want, and do so with some control. Actually, it wasn't hard at all. That was simply all I wanted.
5) We went to a crab feed yesterday. I was good with that. I ate TONS of crab, which really isn't bad for you. And, I did gorge. I didn't have any butter, because I don't like melted butter. I think it's gross. I did have a couple adult beverages, and it was just a relaxing night without worrying about food, and just being focused on spending time with my honey and our best friends!
6) Today I had THE best workout!!! I ran on the treadmill at 10:30 a mile for three miles!!! I also played a tiny bit of racquetball--about 15 minutes, and then I did another 15 minutes on the elliptical. It was an AWESOME cardio workout day :)
7) I have been eating enough calories, enough fruits/veggies, drinking enough water, exercising--duh!, and taking my vitamins each day.
8) I have a racquetball date set for Thursday evening! I am TOTALLY stoked!
9) Today I had TWO people comment on my weight loss. One was super sweet! He is a former student of mine, he said, "WOW, Ms. Bradley you look AWESOME!!!!!" Awwww :)
10)I ended up working out EVERY day this last week!! I am all about it right now. I just want to EXERCISE!! I have filled out my calendar for the month of February with exactly what I want to do each day :) YES! It's such an awesome shift of thinking. I don't think, "I need to workout." NOPE, instead I think, "I can't wait to workout!!"
11) FOOD...I am eating for real. But, I am still eating healthy, too, and watching calories. Today for dinner I was craving tuna fish! Even though I made Rick hot wings and cheese stuffed poppers, I ate tuna fish on rice cakes--because I wanted that!! And, we had tons of veggies and fruits with dinner! Our little one was so cute. She said, "I love how colorful my plate is!" She had chicken nuggets, celery with peanut butter, strawberries--THEY ARE SCRUMPTIOUS, just bought two batches from Safeway--, cucumbers with ranch dressing.

This next week is not too bad in the busy department. I guess just the normal :)
Mon = trip to Chelan for a union meeting--I am going to have the Ahi Tuna, my favorite. 4-H and Girl Scouts after school when I get back.
Tues = Valentines Day, which will be nutso at school! Lots of surprises in store :) And, we are having a family V-Day dinner of steak, shrimp (two of our little one's favorites), lobster, and chocolate covered strawberries (we make our own with almond bark).
Wed = NOTHING but normal school!
Thurs = trip to Wenatchee for my root canal. And, racquetball, hope I feel up to it!
Fri = only a half-day of work because of the Legislative Cut Day, and then it's a three day weekend! I might be going to visit my BEST friend in Leavenworth!!! And, she is a personal trainer, and incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition. I am going to pick her brain about a few things I have been wondering.

I am soooo excited for my trip to VEGAS on Spring Break. I plan on buying a new swimsuit this year--first time in like 10 years! I even looked at a few today!! I bought some new panties this weekend, finally. I NEEDED them because my other ones were ridiculous--kind of like parachutes, LOL. I tossed them out! I am feeling really motivated about losing more weight between now and then! I have six weeks from next Friday (or 7 weeks from last Friday). We've been making tons of fun plans! We are going to watch ROLLER DERBY!!! And, we are going to the Academy of Country Awards FAN JAM!!! I am soooo stoked about that :) I have a super cute pair of jeans that I am hoping I will be able to wear for that night! That's my goal :)))

I am totally stoked for my weigh-in tomorrow because I know it's going to be good!!

Well, there ya have it. LIFE is good! Hope it is for you, too!

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