Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello there!

What a day!
Today started off with a 3-mile run/jog on the treadmill. I am just so happy with my cardio!! I am starting to get excited about the half-marathon in April!! I gotta pinch myself :) So, I have 6 miles logged so far in jogging/running, and I plan at least 5 miles on either Sunday or Monday!

OK, so as I came out of the club, what do I see??? SNOW?!?!?! Nooooo...I want SPRING! Though I must admit it was purty :)

Then to home and ready to head down to Wenatchee for a root canal. SO, the roads were fine!! And, the snow magically stopped once I made it to Brewster. I wasn't excited about the whole root canal bit. I have been really lucky in my lifetime in the teeth department, but I have had a few things lately, and I am a tough lady, but UGH, roots and nerves are NO fun. I survived! They gave me so many extra novacaine shots--I have had one time when I ended up feeling stuff I shouldn't. SO, my face was numb from my eyebrow to my ear, to below my chin! I felt so weird!

On a plus note, I did do some shopping--when in Wenatchee...

Then I headed home, and by the time I was pulling in to pick up my step-daughter, I was DEFINITLEY feeling everything, and honestly what really was hurting is where I think they gave me the shots. It's a crazy process, this root canal business. They end up putting plastic fake roots back in there.

I cooked dinner--more on that later--and, I had a racquetball date. The Old Trisha would have NOT gone to play. BUT, we know that The Old Trisha is missing in action!! So, I popped some tylenol and advil, and headed down to the gym! There were four of us playing(partners against partners), and we played for two hours, and I burned 819 calories!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE racquetball, and it feels so good getting back into it! When it was all over, I did hurt in my mouth :( But, I did have a killer workout. HOLY sweaty buckets! And, what else I love...when I play racquetball, it feels like twenty minutes as opposed to two hours!!!

CALORIES- Yes! And, I had a lovely Chocolate PB milkshake--so yummy! What a treat.
WATER- 128 (a gallon)
FRUITS/VEGGIES- 4 servings- I did pack lots, but I wasn't hungry, and then I couldn't eat because of my numb face!
EXERCISE - TURBO!!! Double duty, yes sir!

Calories In=
Protein shake - 235
Americano - 0

almonds - 160

chocolate PB milkshake from Dusty's- not sure. I looked up Sonic's, and I don't know but I am going with - 700- ZOIKS, right?!? Good thing I had me some racquetball time tonight!

taco bakes-396 for two--see here for the recipe!
sour cream - 40
strawberries - 50
cukes- 20

Total Calories IN = 1621
Calories OUT = 1249
NET calories = 372

RB- 819
Run/Jog- 430

I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT A LOT! I feel like I am on FIRE! I am so proud of myself for working my butt off, and LOVING it! Tomorrow I am going to my cycling clas in the morning :) I can't wait!

For now, I am going to bed--on my lovely new fleece sheets that I got for a steal on clearance today!!

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