Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday already????

Been a quick and BUSY week!

Today I headed to the gym a little bit before 5 a.m. I got up earlier because I noticed it was snowing last night, and I figured it would take more time to get there and back. I am READY for the snow to all be gone!!!!

Today was a bit of a whirlwind, starting from this morning and going straight through to now!

So to recap:
water - yes
calories - yes
vitamins - yes
exercise - yes

banana -110
Americano -0

cutie - 45

cutie -45
shrimp- 77
Open Nature bar -200

biscuit -170
potatoes - 110
beef roast - 200
smoothie -100

Exercise - arc trainer -350

Calories in = 1057
Calories out = 350
Net calories = 707

Wednesday is in the books!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today was a good day! I hope your day was, too!!

vitamins - yes
water - yes
exercise - double workout day!
calories - no- today was a hectic day, and a tad bit emotional, but it was good. I just didn't feel hungry, and I was busy, so not lots of time to eat.
fruits/veggies - yes

What went in...
Open Nature bar - 200
coffee - SF/FF milk -90

zucchinni - 20
celery - 20
LC Cheese -35
Turkey veggie burger - 90

salad- croutons, homemade honey mustard - 60
shrimp - 140

And, the sweat equity...
30 minutes on the Arc Trainer at the gym--while reading an OUTSTANDING book-- 300 calories
45 minutes of Zumba after school!! LOVE ZUMBA :) 440 calories!

Calories IN = 655
Calories OUT = 740
Net calories = WHOA -85...that IS a negative 85 calories for the day. HONESTLY not on purpose, but I did notice I had tons left in my lunch bag when we got home tonight.

We had a Holocaust survivor come to my class today. She came last year, too, and it was pretty cool because she shared new things this time. I cried. I laughed. What an incredibly inspiring woman. WOW. I feel so honored.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Crashed out early! --MY MONDAY

191.4 last week
190 this week
loss of 1.4

GRRRRrrrr so close to being out of the 190s!! Next week :) But, it is an even 54 pounds!!!!

Today was a good day. I was still sore today! DANG Healthy Heart event :)

water- yes
calories - yes
fruits/veggies - yes
exercise - yes
vitamins - nope :( crashed out too early...

I exercised in the morning, riding the recumbent bike and reading my book--it's soooo good! That was 280 calories burned. I did not get back to the gym after school because we had Girl Scouts. That's the first time in a long time that I did not have a double workout day!

I was TOTALLY exhausted last night :(( So tired that I took a nap after dinner--feel asleep on the couch. And, then I got up to read with our little one, and when we were done with that bedtime routine, I just stayed in bed for the night. ZOIKS!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 Crazy GOOD days :)

Tomorrow it will be my third week at the gym. I was figuring out that my gym membership at the rate I am working out is only $2.33 a day. And, if I consider the fact that I have been going TWICE a day, well, that makes it $1.16 a visit!!! I am able to take classes, which so far I have only taken the Spinning class (and, I have gone to 3 weeks in a row now!). I do plan on trying out the Group Power, Group Kick, Yoga Fitness and the Zumba classes there (I do ZUMBA at my school on Tuesdays with an awesome instructor). I am really happy with the motivation joining the gym has given me!!!

I did try on two pairs of pants that I couldn't wear when I started the gym three weeks ago, and they fit! I asked Rick if they were public worthy or too tight, and he said I can totally wear them in public!!! I also packed away all of my size 18 pants (I had already packed up the 20s). Now, all I have in my armoire are size 14 and size 16 pants :))) LOVE it :)


fruits/veggies- yes
water - yes
vitamins - yes
calories - yes
exercise - ABSOLUTELY YES!

Zucchini - 20
Cauliflower - 20
Carrots - 20
Cutie - 45
Apple slice -5

Protein shake – frozen strawberries, Adam’s PB, APEX mix – 320

Pizza Hut wings- HOLY calories, Bat Man! I didn't know before I bought them.
Mild traditional buffalo wings 180- for 2 I had 5 - 450
Garlic Parmesan traditional wings -110 – for 2- I had 5 - 275

1155 calories in
1340 calories out
Net calories - 185

My exercise:
1000 calories – 2 ½ hours at Healthy Heart - WOW!!! I had so much fun :) I ran this, and I worked out hard!!!
340 – 30 minutes on Arc Trainer - YES, I did go to the gym, even after working out at the Healthy Heart Event!!!


fruits/veggies- NOPE :( only 3 servings
water - yes
vitamins - yes
calories - NO :(
exercise - yes

Coffee with creamer - 40
Zucchini - 20
Protein shake – 310

Salad – 25
Dressing -40

Chuck eye steak – one site says 43 calories per ounce, the other says 50- so I am going with 46.5 per ounce. I ate 7 ounces. 325.50

Net calories = 245

I had a killer workout! I was stressed, and honestly I found myself wanting to snack. So, I just headed out to the gym instead. I ran/jogged for 45 minutes. I changed my speed and incline often. I had my incline on 1.0 for when I was recovering, but I even had it up to the max of 15 incline and 3.5 mph! I even ran at 7 mph for 2 minutes. I just kept going and going and changing, and in the end, I burned 515 calories!!!! I was so sweaty--even the back of my shirt.

I was SUPER sore from yesterday, which was all about working out with our bodies--lots of lunges, squats, wall sits, etc. I am SO SORE today, and The Old Trisha would have used that as an excuse to not workout, but I still went. I am really feeling it right now, but OH IT FEELS SO GOOD :)))

This was an awesome week of working out!!! I am looking forward to this next week. I have already scheduled all my exercise, and the meals are all planned and prepped. READY SET GO!

Friday, February 24, 2012


I started my morning off with a KILLER spinning class. I normally burn just at 300 calories, but today's workout was much more intense, and I burned 380!! Felt so good :)))

Then after school I went and did the arc trainer for 30 minutes (345 calories), and then racquetball with my little one (guessing another 50 calories).

Water- yes
Vitamins - yes
Exercise - YES YES
Calories - yes
Fruits and veggies - YES

What went in:
Protein shake at the gym - 240
Americano - 0

banana -110

cukes- 20
carrots - 20
apple chicken sausage - 180
pudding - 60

swordfish- 132 (4 ounces)---YUMMY!!! So delish! And, filling. I felt like I was going to pop!
ahi tuna - 75 (2 ounces)
salad with cukes and mushrooms- 50
dressing - 40
sweet potato fries- 140

Calories in = 1067
Calories out = 775
Net calories = 292

Another GOOD DAY!!!
I am excited to go to our Healthy Heart event tomorrow!! I am going to wear my HRM and see how many calories I burn!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good two days!!

Yesterday I didn't blog because I fell asleep last night on the couch!! Tee hee...guess I was tired.

I have been working out twice a day!! EVERY DAY :) I love the Cybex Arc Trainer! I LOVE IT! I get such an intense workout on it!! I am just beyond sweaty, like I could wring out my shirt sweaty!!! And, this morning I was in a particularly intense part of my workout, with my heart rate monitor kicking in pretty high, and then the book I was reading was in an intense part, so I felt like my heart might explode! WHOA! GREAT BOOK :)) GREAT WORKOUT :)) I love how I can go REALLY hard but still read!!!

I had a conversation with a friend of mine today about nutrition and health. He is VERY knowledgeable in this area. He is a coach of many sports, and he works with kids in wrestling, who need to gain or lose weight, so he has tried everything that his kids want to do, so he knows what is healthy and what works. He is in incredible shape and has always been. He is no-nonsense kind of guy, who just tells ya like it is. He is very supportive of my health journey, and I SO appreciate having him as a resource.

I am going to start focusing on my carbs, as I know that I probably eat too many of those. I don't really know what my numbers are, so I am going to pay attention to that. My friend--Dean--also told me that I probably need to eat more than 1200 calories because of how much I am exercising. He also talked about mixing up my exercise (which I already do), and making sure that I do some weights each day to help with the metabolic burn. All stuff that I know :)He did say that I could up my calories for a week or two, and then go back down to 1200. Mix it up. He also told me that he has gone with 3 days of no carbs, 2 days of carbs, etc. Kind of a shock to the system. I think for now, I want to just see how many carbs I consume, so that I have a clear picture about it.

Dean also mentioned that I could have ONE day of freebie eating. He works out really hard on that day, extra hard, and his day is Sunday. He talked about how that confuses the body, so it doesn't get into a pattern or think that it knows what you are doing and then adjusts to whatever that is. Instead, you should keep it wondering.

We did also talk about eating five times a day, which I kind of do, but not always. So I am going to make sure that I don't skip my snacks. He also said it was good that I eat a protein shake in the morning, and that I should eat something after I work out, but that it doesn't have to be protein necessarily.

OK, so now for a recap of the last two days:
Water - yes. I do want to increase this, as I find that I am just at 100 ounces a day.
Vitamins - yes.
Fruits/veggies - yes.
Calories - yes.
EXERCISE - yes, twice a day!! I have been averaging at least 700 calories burned a day! I can really feel the toning that is happening :)

I did write everything down everything that I ate the past two days, and I will start blogging that again tomorrow! I did eat between 1200-1400 calories both yesterday and today.

There ya have it! I am headed to bed :))) Going to spinning class tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bad to better!

Today was an OK day. I was SUPER tired. All of that up all night because of the sore tooth :( I didn't want to get up when the alarm went off. BUT, I did get up and head to the gym. SO, I did my jog, and it quite frankly was one of my least favorite jogs ever. I did do it. I only did 2 miles. I did add incline. But, it all felt like a struggle :( I seriously was sweating like crazy, beat red, and even had a bit of a headache when I was done. I burned calories, and I just wanted to go home and take a shower. (380 calories)

The rest of the day went ok. It felt like a DOUBLE Monday or something. Then ZUMBA was cancelled at my school because the instructor was sick :( The Old Trisha would've just gone home and probably taken a much needed nap, but instead I headed directly to the gym! I did 15 minutes (125 calories) on the row machine. BOY OH BOY my shoulders, and triceps were BURNING! It felt so good!! I will definitely be including the row machine in my weekly workout schedule.

Then I tried out a machine I have never used before. It is the Cybex Arc Trainer. I like it a lot, once I got the hang of it! THAT was a good workout, boy I was sweating!! I did 20 minutes and burned 260 calories!!! AND, no pressure on my knees!

SO, if you are keeping track, that's a nice little 505 in calories burned! And, I felt much better after working this afternoon!! I imagine it helps that the antibiotics are kicking in, and my tooth is much better!

I did squeeze in a nap this evening, too :)

Quick checklist summary:
Vitamins- Yes.
Water- Yes.
Exercise- YES!!!
Calories- Yes.
Fruits/Veggies- Yes.

What went in...
Protein Shake - 250
Americano - 0

Garden Burger - 120
Pear - 96
Celery - 20
LC Cheese - 35
Tangerine -45
Almonds - 160

Banana - 110

Meatloaf - 207 (6 ounces)
Cornbread muffin - 150
cukes/tomatoes salad with honey mustard - 50

Net calories = 738

Monday, February 20, 2012

LOVE this blog

I just stumbled upon an INSPIRING blog!!! You should totally check it out!!!



Last week: 192.6
This week: 191.4
Loss of 1.2 pounds

I am good with this loss! I want to lose a pound a week, so that's a tiny bit more than my goal :) And, I did have two meals of whatever I wanted...Saturday night at the Breadline (though I chose Ahi Tuna, which is a healthier choice) and chocolate b-day cake. Then last night, dinner was relatively healthy, and I was smart about portion sizes, but I DID have one piece of Cheesecake Factory delish!

Today's workout was a GREAT one!
First I did the elliptical for 30 minutes on the weight loss program. I burned 370 calories, and BOY I was sweating!

Then I rode the stationary bike--not the recumbent--for 30 minutes, and I did the alpine hill program with the setting on 10, burning 190 calories.

And, I ended my workout with lifting weights.
I did the following
seated row - 50 pounds x 20 reps, 30 pounds x 20 reps
lat pulldown- 50 pounds x 20 reps, 30 pounds x 20 reps
shoulder press - 10 pound dumbbells x 40 reps
lateral raise - 5 pound dumbbells x 20 reps
front dumbbell raise - 5 pound dumbbells x 20 reps
weight-assisted dips - 100 pounds - x 5 (yeah did 2 more!!)
weight-assited chin-ups - 100 pounds - x 5 (yeah did 2 more of these, too!!)
vertical knee raise machine- 20

Tomorrow I need to remember to wear my HRM, so I can see how many calories I burn while doing the weightlifting. I do feel GREAT--my muscles are just the right sore :)) I LOVE IT!

My tooth is out of control--what a story it has had. First, it was a filling from back in my elementary days (had a total of 4), then because it's "OLD SCHOOL METAL" quote from my dentist, which I really heard, "Since you are old..."!!! Anyhow, old school metal that expanded and contracted and then CRACKED my teeth :( Then a crown, and now a root canal, but it sounds like all the infection was not extracted, so now I am on MAJOR antibiotics, with the hope that we will kick this nasty bit, or else, I might have to go back for oral surgery :((( SO, mind you--this means pain. They did give me a pain medication prescription, which I highly doubt I will fill. BUT, it would be easy to use this as an excuse. Shoot, my mouth is even swollen. I guess I am working on the chipmunk look. HOWEVER, I will not let it be an excuse! NOT happening!!

As far as food...I really wasn't hungry today.

I didn't eat enough fruits/veggies :(
I didn't eat enough calories :(

I did drink my water!
I did have vitamins!
I did AWESOME exercise.

What I did eat:
Well, first I tried a super yummy carbonated coffee at Grandma's Attic. YUMMY!!!! I went with sugar free vanilla and just a tiny bit of half and half. It tasted just like a White Russian. HOLY YUMMY!!
It is 100 calories. It was a little too sweet for me, since I have been drinking Americanos, but it was a nice little treat!!!

I had some homemade tortellini pasta salad that I made for last night's dinner - 350 calories.

Then tonight I had a foot-long Subway veggie on whole wheat sandwich. 460 calories

I was going to cook dinner, but in the end, I just didn't feel too swell.

That puts me at...
Calories IN = 910
Calories OUT = 560 (not counting weight lifting calories)
NET calories = 350

Meals and exercise planned for the week :) I am ready!!! Bring it on :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sizzzzzzzzzzzling Sunday :)

Great workout today! I feel like I am on FIRE!!!
Boy, what a difference my i-pod and gum makes for my run!

So, I ran 3 miles today :) I warmed up and cooled down at 4.0, but I ran at 6 and 7 the whole time!!! That's the best I have ever done!! I FELT SO ALIVE!!! Who woulda thought I would ever dig running?!?!

I was able to run at 7 which is 8:34 minute miles for half a mile! Though it does say on the converter that since I am running at 0% incline, that it is less than running outside because a) it's never totally level, and b) there is always some sort of wind. So, it says that it was 8:56 a mile. If I put it on 1% incline, then it would be 8:32 a mile! I am going to start running with a 1% incline from now on!!

I still cannot believe the incredible difference and improvement in my running!! It make me excited for my half-marathon in April :)))

And, today I decided to do some weights, as I want to incorporate some weights into EVERY workout. Nothing major or hard core, as I am looking to tone up! Here is what I did today...
I used 8 pound dumbbells, and I did 2 sets of 20, unless otherwise noted :)

Tree huggers (laying on a bench)
Bench press (laying on a bench)
Alternating Bicep curls (sitting on a bench)
Bicep curls at the same time--not alternating--8 pounds -1 set of 20
Tricep kickbacks, but I call them ski arms, since I am standing, and I feel like I am moving ski poles – back to 8 pounds - 2 sets of 20
Tricep overhead extension
With weight assistance-100 pounds, means I am lifting 92 pounds
5 chin-ups
5 dips

I am excited because tonight we are going to hang out with our friends :) We decided that we would bring items based on our the first initial of our first names. They are in charge of the main dish and drinks, and we had side dish and dessert. So, I made a triple cheese tortellini salad, and triple cheese garlic bread sticks for my "T" and raspberry cheesecake for my honey's "R":))) FUN, right?!? I have done this before with my students, and they love it, so I knew this would be a good time!! We are going to have fun tonight!!!!!!!

A new vibe!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad I joined the gym! It's so worth it! I feel completely recharged!!! I was able to play some racquetball this past week :) I LOVE IT! What a crazy good workout. I NEED to find a partner to play on a daily basis, which I would love to do!

I am going to try Yoga this week,too! I am excited for that :) I am glad that I will have an instructor talking me through it. I have tried yoga at home with a dvd, but I don't feel like I really know what I am doing, and I don't have a person there helping, so I am excited to have the support of an instructor!

I have a total shift in thinking. It's awesome! I am working out during the week TWICE a day!! It will be two weeks tomorrow since I joined the gym, so I am looking forward to seeing how things are going. I do know that I feel a definite difference in my clothes from this past two weeks--read my NSV blog!!

I just want to workout and want to eat healthy, and I don't feel like I have to make myself do it. Does that make sense? It feels like a second nature kicking in. I realize that I have been on this journey for eight months, which is quite honestly the LONGEST I have ever stayed on the journey!! And, I feel like I have even more motivation right now to keep it going!!

I have planned out my exercise calendar for all of February, and so far I have stuck with it!!!! I have been doing monthly meal planning for months now, and so this jus added another level which is making everything click! And, I have long-term goals, too!!

I think the key is that I have taken small steps, made short-term goals, and also have added extra goals as I go. I am feeling REALLY strong right now :)) And, trying new things, keeping everything fresh!!!

Friday and Saturday

So, Friday...
I did exercise twice! I did the spinning class, which I LOVE! I love the group of people, and it's good exercise. I burned 345 calories in 45 minutes. Then, I worked otu after school, which was a half-day. I wasn't feeling so swell--with my tooth. SO, The Old Trisha would have easily skipped the afternoon workout, and probably would have just gone home for a nap. INSTEAD...I went and worked out!! I rode the recumbent bike, and I logged 375 calories on my HRM. So, that made for over 700 calories of exercise for the day.

Saturday's exercise--again, I wasn't feeling too hot, but I powered through and spent an hour on the recumbent bike--450 calories.

I am having no problems drinking at least 100 ounces a day!! I drink more!
I am taking my vitamins :) Yes, I am remembering!!

Food on Friday was limited--I didn't eat enough because I just didn't feel good :( I only had 3 servings of fruits/veggies.

Saturday, I saved up my calories for dinner! And, I know I got enough calories for the day. 4 servings of fruits/veggies

protein shake- 235
salsa - 40
pretzel thins- 220
dinner at the Breadline...
Ahi tuna steak--I love this stuff!! Wasabi butter
stir-fry veggies
3 pieces of bread with garlic butter
sweet potato fries
salad with blue cheese on the side
3 mojitos! (200 calories each!)
1 skinny slice of birthday cake

Dinner was fabulously yummy!! I love that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, by my choice! I love my friends and family :)) We had such a fun time together!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


On Monday, it will be two weeks since I have started working out at the gym, and signe up for the Physique Challenge. I was feeling a tad discouraged on the scale numbers because even though I lost three pounds this last week and it was TOM, I had gained 2.4 the week before. Bottom line is that on December 11th I went under 200, and marked in at 199.8. This last week I weighed in at 192.6,which is only 7.2 pounds in 2 months. But, really I know that is good, as it's over 3 pounds a month. I know that's good. BUT...I really want it to go faster!

SO, I did try on pants that I bought back in October from Rawson's. They are size 13/14 Wranglers, and super cute pair. I am wearing them today!!! They are not too tight, and TOTALLY cute. I did try them on two weeks ago, when I started the Physique Challenge, and I could pull them up and button them, but they were EXTREMELY uncomfortable. So, definitely that's a change!!

I have a tub in my closet of smaller clothes, so I got them out today. I am able to wear two super cute dresses I have had for a long time. As a matter of fact, one of the dresses I wore on my interview to get my job here!!! I was soooo excited :) I can't wait for nicer weather, as I will definitley wear these two dresses! One is a size 16, and it's actually loose in places!! I have another tub at storage with size 12 and some size 14 clothes.

I am definitely wearing size 16 and size 14 clothes now. I love it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello there!

What a day!
Today started off with a 3-mile run/jog on the treadmill. I am just so happy with my cardio!! I am starting to get excited about the half-marathon in April!! I gotta pinch myself :) So, I have 6 miles logged so far in jogging/running, and I plan at least 5 miles on either Sunday or Monday!

OK, so as I came out of the club, what do I see??? SNOW?!?!?! Nooooo...I want SPRING! Though I must admit it was purty :)

Then to home and ready to head down to Wenatchee for a root canal. SO, the roads were fine!! And, the snow magically stopped once I made it to Brewster. I wasn't excited about the whole root canal bit. I have been really lucky in my lifetime in the teeth department, but I have had a few things lately, and I am a tough lady, but UGH, roots and nerves are NO fun. I survived! They gave me so many extra novacaine shots--I have had one time when I ended up feeling stuff I shouldn't. SO, my face was numb from my eyebrow to my ear, to below my chin! I felt so weird!

On a plus note, I did do some shopping--when in Wenatchee...

Then I headed home, and by the time I was pulling in to pick up my step-daughter, I was DEFINITLEY feeling everything, and honestly what really was hurting is where I think they gave me the shots. It's a crazy process, this root canal business. They end up putting plastic fake roots back in there.

I cooked dinner--more on that later--and, I had a racquetball date. The Old Trisha would have NOT gone to play. BUT, we know that The Old Trisha is missing in action!! So, I popped some tylenol and advil, and headed down to the gym! There were four of us playing(partners against partners), and we played for two hours, and I burned 819 calories!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE racquetball, and it feels so good getting back into it! When it was all over, I did hurt in my mouth :( But, I did have a killer workout. HOLY sweaty buckets! And, what else I love...when I play racquetball, it feels like twenty minutes as opposed to two hours!!!

CALORIES- Yes! And, I had a lovely Chocolate PB milkshake--so yummy! What a treat.
WATER- 128 (a gallon)
FRUITS/VEGGIES- 4 servings- I did pack lots, but I wasn't hungry, and then I couldn't eat because of my numb face!
EXERCISE - TURBO!!! Double duty, yes sir!

Calories In=
Protein shake - 235
Americano - 0

almonds - 160

chocolate PB milkshake from Dusty's- not sure. I looked up Sonic's, and I don't know but I am going with - 700- ZOIKS, right?!? Good thing I had me some racquetball time tonight!

taco bakes-396 for two--see here for the recipe!
sour cream - 40
strawberries - 50
cukes- 20

Total Calories IN = 1621
Calories OUT = 1249
NET calories = 372

RB- 819
Run/Jog- 430

I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT A LOT! I feel like I am on FIRE! I am so proud of myself for working my butt off, and LOVING it! Tomorrow I am going to my cycling clas in the morning :) I can't wait!

For now, I am going to bed--on my lovely new fleece sheets that I got for a steal on clearance today!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Already Wednesday!

I can't believe I lost three pounds this last week, considering I started TOM this morning!

I did work out again TWICE! This morning I did an alpine hill recumbent bike workout for 30 minutes, and then today after school, I worked out on the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. It was one of the most intense cardio workouts I have had! I was sweating BIG TIME!!!

OK, so an observation. The Old Trisha would have skipped the afternoon workout because of TOM and the cramps and it being the first day--you understand my woman woes--but, instead I went, and I ended up with a crazy intense workout! And, I am acting like I am trying to get a cold. I have had that going on for two days now, but I am trying VERY hard to fight it. SO, again, The Old Trisha would have been content with skipping the afternoon workout to go home and lounge on the couch. But, I didn't. AND, let us not forget my psycho tooth pain! I have had it since last June, when I had a crown put on it, and then in October it started hurting again, and finally in December I even had to have medicine--antibiotics to try and combat the likely infection--and had to schedule my root canal, with nothing available in December, and no time for me in January, so now I am finally going tomorrow. It has been especially ugly in the pain department these past two weeks--so, how easy would it have been to be The Old Trisha and use that as an excuse to not workout?!?! But, I think you are starting to get the pattern.

BOY OH was SUGAR hangover for my students! And, I think I might have had a tad bit of it, but I am not sure how much of it was that or the TOM. Needless to say, mid-morning I had a KILLER headache that I was sure was going to grow into a migraine--even saw the precursor spots--but, with the help of Excedrin Migraine I managed to dissolve that bugger and carry on!

Water - 100 ounces
fruits and veggies- 5.5 servings
calories - YES!
exercise - YES, YES! I deserve that double affirmation :)
vitamins - Yes, indeedy!

Calories IN = 1249
Protein Shake-235- Apex Fit Lite Meal Replacement- Chocolate - 1/2 scoop 95 calories, frozen strawberries - 40, Adam's PB 1 tbsp- 100, water and ice.
Americano = 0 :) I don't know what got me started on this...but, I do love Americanos, and I love coffee, and I love that it has NOTHING in it, and that it is zero calories!

Garden Burger- 120
tuna- 70
almonds - 160
strawberries - 50
carrots - 20

jerky - 70

lasagna - 454
salad- 50 (cukes, lettuce, tomatoes)
homemade honey mustard dressing - 20

Calories OUT= 972
recumbent bike - I rode the ALPINE Hill course, and I average 16 miles per hour!! My HRM said 456.
elliptical trainer- 516

WHOA...not many net calories. That's something I need to ask my friends--my nutrition experts :)

This week is just flying by. I didn't go to work on Monday, since I had a meeting in Chelan. Tuesday was a sugar-high tornado that stormed by in a blur. Today was normal day. Tomorrow is a quick dental trip to Wenatchee, and Friday is half-day. SO, wowser!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random ramblings...

So, I have made some observations lately.

What's the deal with people exercising and either texting or even worse yell talking on their cell phones at the gym? Weird to me. I am cool with using my Kindle Fire to read a novel while I am riding the recumbent bike, but in my book, that's just not the same.

Humans are complete creatures of habit. Some people are NUTS about things being a certain way--I really notice this anal-retentive issue at the gym. I have not been directly affected, but I have watched others...NOT PRETTY. I would love to record these people, and then show them how badly they act. I kinda feel like they don't really know.

The other big notice I have had at the gym...people are so gossipy! And, don't even think this is a gender issue. This morning I heard women talking about other people, and then this afternoon these two guys were going off about other guys! WHOA! The big takeaway for me...I was very surprised that these people were trashing other people when a stranger was around. How did they know for certain I didn't know the people they were talking about? Turns out I did know some of the guys the two guys were ripping on. I'm not going to say anything, but I definitely know people from whom I will steer clear in the future! And, it just sounded so UGLY. I don't want to be that person.

BUT, it's not all like that...I have made some NEW friends, who are super positive and inspirational! And, I have reconnected with some friends from the past, which is a fun part of rejoining the gym!

Got a new blender for V-Day :) I have an awesome smoothie maker that I LOVE! But, it's good for frozen fruit, and really not ice. SO, now that I have a new blender that I can use ice!

I think every woman should own at least one TUTU and wear it!! I wore one today, and it just makes life FUN :)) My students loved it, my step-daughter loved it, I loved it, and people at Wal*Mart loved it. I even had Wal*Mart-ians clap for me--tee hee!

I noticed that the subtitles on the tv are not perfect...they have tons of grammar errors! OH the woes of an English teacher, teehee.

I intensely dislike auto-correct on my phone. MAN, some of the things it changes words, too. SHEESH! I read a funny email a co-worker sent me that had some HYSTERICAL auto-correct texts!!

Sweet things our little one has said lately:

"I love my sticky socks." These are those socks with little plastic hearts on the bottom of them.

"I am so glad to spend Valentine's Eve with you!" TOO CUTE...I had never thought of it as Valentine's Eve before :))) We had quite the little process of fully preparing for the big day of love!

"WHOA! I didn't know your hair could be THAT big!" This said to me at the end of our 80s Day!

"You make the best lunches ever, and I especially love your surprises!" That means a lot to me because I scour ideas all over the internet :)) I love being creative in the lunch department!! Well, in the cooking department all together.

I love being a MAMA :)

A day of love :)

I worked out twice today! YAHOO...
That's right, up at 4:55 a.m. and off to run 3 miles! I ran 10:30 minute miles!! I felt like I could keep running, but I had to go home and get ready for work.

Then after school I went back and did the elliptical for 30 minutes, registering 320 calories.

I am drinking all of my water--135 ounces today.

Vitamins -YES!
Fruits and Veggies - 4 servings

Eating...well, it wasn't all healthy today. I did eat a handful of treats--a couple of sugar cookies! But, I also worked out hard, so I felt like I deserved it! We had a yummy dinner of steak, lobster, shrimp, and our little one made chocolate covered strawberries, but I didn't have one, just because of the sugar I had eaten today made it not seem like even a remote temptation!

Protein Shake - 120
coffee- Americano - NO calories :))

2 sugar cookies - 320
2 tiny meringue cookies - 50?

strawberries - 50
Mandarin orange -45
cukes - 20

steak- chuck eye - 6 ounces - 272
lobster - 4 ounces - 101
shrimp - 77
garlic roll - 130
1/2 potato- 80
sour cream - 40
BBQ sauce - 40

1 sugar cookie - 160

Calories IN= 1505
Calories OUT = 781
Running - 456
Elliptical = 325
OH! And, we played Wii tonight after dinner :)))))) I didn't even count those calories.
Net = 724!

IN THE END...I survived!! And, I LOVE Valentine's DAY, and it loved me!!


I am so thankful for all the love today! I had a blast :) I wore my tutu!! I didn't go out of control in the sweets department! I love my honey and my children so much!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


195.6 last week!
192.6 this week!!
LOSS OF 3 pounds this week...since I gained 2.8 last week, that's only a net loss really of .2, but I am TOTALLY good with it :)))


Today was a great Monday! I hope your Monday was as wonderful as mine :))

It started off a little rocky...first, the alarm did not go off. SO, I woke up 30 minutes late. THE OLD TRISHA would have just not gone in and worked out...but, I did go, and I got a 30-minute intense bike workout :)) I was sweating!!! For the first 15 minutes, I read this INTENSE book on my Kindle Fire, and for the second 15 minutes, I just went all hard out! I'm proud that I went to the gym, and it reminds me of Saturday when I showed up at the gym at 11:30, thinking that Zumba was at noon, when, in fact, it was at 10 a.m., and the gym closes at noon. SO, THE OLD TRISHA would have left...but, instead I ran on the elliptical trainer--and, I do mean RAN--for 30 solid minutes!!! I love my shift in thinking, and just how natural it is, and how I can't stop thinking about working out and how much I want to and what I'm going to do and when :)))

I had to go to a meeting in Chelan today. It was lots of fun, even though it was work, too! I don't see this group but three times a year, so the other people there were all excited about my weight loss!!! YEAH :))) OH MY GOODNESS, was it not gorgeous today?!?!?!! I am soooo ready for spring, and even more summer!

Then the really great thing...I rode with a good friend and fellow teacher to Chelan, and he's in THE most incredible shape. He's an athlete/coach, and he knows training and nutrition. So, we chatted about that, and it was so educational!!! I am really excited to learn more about nutrition! He's going to bring me some things to read!! We talked a lot about working out and using weights, too.

OK, so goals today:
Water- YES! 120 ounces
Calories - NO...not enough.
Exercise- YES!
Vitamins- YES!
Fruits/Veggies- 4 servings...the least I have had in a long time. But, I packed a bunch; I just wasn't hungry today.

coffee- 70

tangerine - 35

Ahi blackened tuna salad-no dressing from Campbell's. MY FAVORITE :))) I love LOVE LOVE love Ahi tuna!!! It's amazing. lettuce, peppers, kalamata olives (230--184 for the tuna)

1 piece of Papa Murphy's pepperoni pizza- WE bought a heart-shaped pizza tonight for Valentine's Eve! - 279
1 piece of cheesy bread - 109.50

strawberries - 1 cup - 49

carrots - 20

Net Calories = 474.50

It was a good day--even though I didn't eat enough. I will do better tomorrow! I have a harder time, when I am not on my normal schedule!!

I am getting up early tomorrow to head to the gym and run on the treadmill--training for my half-marathon. I might workout tomorrow afternoon, too, before we head home, after school! We are going to have a dinner of steak (honey is going to BBQ for us), shrimp and lobster! YEAH!!

All in all...I feel a shift. A change. I see how I have a different focus now. AND, I love it!!! Even just my conversation with my friend today was great! And, we have driven to this meeting for four years, three times a year, but never talked about health before!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I did go see the Journey 2: Mystery Island tonight. It was OK. I personally see it as a Netflix kind of movie. I have to say that THE ROCK is soooo hot! And, he sings in the movie, SIGH :)

I have all sorts of movies I wanna see right now!

I missed One for the Money! UGH. Gonna maybe go see it in Wenatchee.

This Means War looks ADORABLE, I love Reese, and what a fun idea for a movie!

THE VOW, hello..who wouldn't want to see it? I love Rachel and Channing, and WHAT a storyline. Awwww.

I REALLY really REALLY want to see Chimpanzee (Disney Nature)!! OH MY looks so good, and it's so amazing that they filmed it. I would LOVE to see it on the I-MAX! I feel a Seattle trip in the works! I love that it shows the love of a parent, who is not the biological parent.

HUNGER GAMES --It will be out March 23rd! YAHOO, such a GREAT trilogy :) Can't wait to see the movie!!!

So, I knew Wenatchee had the new movie theater where the old K-Mart was, and I had heard it was big. WHAT I DIDN'T know is that it has an option to eat dinner and watch a movie at the same time!!! COOL :) We might have a trip to Wenatchee happening this next LONG weekend!


Lots of time has gone by since my last post. SHEESH.

Well, it has been busy! What else is new right? I am going to give you the highlights!!!

1) I worked out twice a day Monday - Thursday last week!!
2) I did my first cycling class on Friday morning. OH MY GAWSH!!! It was a BLAST! It was a good workout!!! I didn't have my HRM on, so I am not sure how many calories I burned, but another gal said that her HRM registered 325 calories, so I am guessing I am right in that ballpark, but I will know for sure next Friday!
3) It was a busy week, with TWO nights of concessions--part of the reason I didn't blog...that and working out both in the morning and the afternoon/evening.
4) We had Chinese food Friday night. Why am I telling you this?? Two reasons. First, AGAIN, I am not on a diet...HERE IS MY MANTRA--

So, sharing my Chinese food for Friday dinner definitely demonstrates this. And, the second reason I am sharing is because I just had one plate, and the old Trisha would have had three or four. SO, that feels good that I can eat what I want, and do so with some control. Actually, it wasn't hard at all. That was simply all I wanted.
5) We went to a crab feed yesterday. I was good with that. I ate TONS of crab, which really isn't bad for you. And, I did gorge. I didn't have any butter, because I don't like melted butter. I think it's gross. I did have a couple adult beverages, and it was just a relaxing night without worrying about food, and just being focused on spending time with my honey and our best friends!
6) Today I had THE best workout!!! I ran on the treadmill at 10:30 a mile for three miles!!! I also played a tiny bit of racquetball--about 15 minutes, and then I did another 15 minutes on the elliptical. It was an AWESOME cardio workout day :)
7) I have been eating enough calories, enough fruits/veggies, drinking enough water, exercising--duh!, and taking my vitamins each day.
8) I have a racquetball date set for Thursday evening! I am TOTALLY stoked!
9) Today I had TWO people comment on my weight loss. One was super sweet! He is a former student of mine, he said, "WOW, Ms. Bradley you look AWESOME!!!!!" Awwww :)
10)I ended up working out EVERY day this last week!! I am all about it right now. I just want to EXERCISE!! I have filled out my calendar for the month of February with exactly what I want to do each day :) YES! It's such an awesome shift of thinking. I don't think, "I need to workout." NOPE, instead I think, "I can't wait to workout!!"
11) FOOD...I am eating for real. But, I am still eating healthy, too, and watching calories. Today for dinner I was craving tuna fish! Even though I made Rick hot wings and cheese stuffed poppers, I ate tuna fish on rice cakes--because I wanted that!! And, we had tons of veggies and fruits with dinner! Our little one was so cute. She said, "I love how colorful my plate is!" She had chicken nuggets, celery with peanut butter, strawberries--THEY ARE SCRUMPTIOUS, just bought two batches from Safeway--, cucumbers with ranch dressing.

This next week is not too bad in the busy department. I guess just the normal :)
Mon = trip to Chelan for a union meeting--I am going to have the Ahi Tuna, my favorite. 4-H and Girl Scouts after school when I get back.
Tues = Valentines Day, which will be nutso at school! Lots of surprises in store :) And, we are having a family V-Day dinner of steak, shrimp (two of our little one's favorites), lobster, and chocolate covered strawberries (we make our own with almond bark).
Wed = NOTHING but normal school!
Thurs = trip to Wenatchee for my root canal. And, racquetball, hope I feel up to it!
Fri = only a half-day of work because of the Legislative Cut Day, and then it's a three day weekend! I might be going to visit my BEST friend in Leavenworth!!! And, she is a personal trainer, and incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition. I am going to pick her brain about a few things I have been wondering.

I am soooo excited for my trip to VEGAS on Spring Break. I plan on buying a new swimsuit this year--first time in like 10 years! I even looked at a few today!! I bought some new panties this weekend, finally. I NEEDED them because my other ones were ridiculous--kind of like parachutes, LOL. I tossed them out! I am feeling really motivated about losing more weight between now and then! I have six weeks from next Friday (or 7 weeks from last Friday). We've been making tons of fun plans! We are going to watch ROLLER DERBY!!! And, we are going to the Academy of Country Awards FAN JAM!!! I am soooo stoked about that :) I have a super cute pair of jeans that I am hoping I will be able to wear for that night! That's my goal :)))

I am totally stoked for my weigh-in tomorrow because I know it's going to be good!!

Well, there ya have it. LIFE is good! Hope it is for you, too!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today a friend gave me an interesting article :) It was about the effects of stress and its correlation to belly fat. It also had a big emphasis on spiritual or religious beliefs and how they have a positive impact on decreasing stress. Really interesting studies and info. SO, it also mentioned that people who do some sort of daily thinking--whether it be praying, meditating, writing, and it even SPECIFICALLY mentioned a thankful journal. YEAH! It made me think of exactly how I feel and have felt since I started my thankful blog back in November--just that difference in outlook and positive energy. COOL.

Today was another GOOD DAY :)

water – 120 ounces
6 servings of fruits and veggies
EXERCISE – ROCKED another double day! (The Firm – 340 AND elliptical - 320)
Calories –Yup!
Vitamins – YES!

The Firm – 350 – HRM registered more today than yesterday. I did feel like it was harder for some reason…boy, I love starting my day off with exercising :) Then this afternoon I went up to the club, and I worked for 30 minutes on the weight management cycle of the elliptical machine. That felt REALLY GOOD! I burned 320 calories doing that!!!

Calories IN -- 1472
smoothie – blueberry/raspberry – 150
coffee – 90

Open Nature bar – 190
banana – 90

carrots – 20
celery – 20
LC cheese – 35
soup – 200 – Progresso Chicken and Rice soup

Cutie - 45

tomato basil tortilla -68
hamburger meat - 164
salsa - 50
cheese - 50
sour cream -40
lettuce -10
beans- 50
chips - 200

Net calories - 802

Totally stoked about working out!! What's interesting is that I just WANT to work out!!!! I filled out my calendar for February writing down all the exercise I plan on doing. There are SOOOOO many classes at the club I joined!!! So, I for sure want to do some of those!! I can't wait to try yoga :) I bough ta new racquet to play racquetball!! I can't wait to play!!!!!!!!!!!!



water – 132 ounces
5 servings of fruits and veggies
EXERCISE – ROCKED another double day! (The Firm – 340 AND Zumba – 400)
Calories – Ate more than I have in a LONG time! I had a bit of a sweet tooth during the afternoon.
Vitamins – YES!

Calories IN...
cottage cheese – 100
coffee – 90

celery – 20
LC cheese – 35

apple - 90

Boca Spicy Chicken patty – 130
cukes – 20
carrots – 20
Jello – 10

Open Nature bar – 190
coffee – 75
chicken thai wrap - ?? 500
pink cookie from the Breadline - 200
Hawaiian chips – 210

PB M&Ms – 240

1240 without the wrap and cookie -
1940 with my guesstimate

CALORIES in = 1940
CALORIES out = 740
Net calories = 1200

There ya have it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday! BIG day for me :))

192.8 last week
195.6 this week
SO, that's a gain of 2.8 pounds :( BUT, I am OK with that!

Today I worked out TWICE.
Today I joined the fitness club.
Today I started my Physique Challenge.
LOOK OUT WORLD! TODAY was a good day :)

I have decided that I am going to track my calories, but not my calcium and protein anymore, as I can see that I have eaten enough of both on a daily basis! And, until I am at a place where I need to be focused on those things then I will.

Calories - YUP!
Veggies/fruits - YUP!
Vitamins - YUP!
Exercise - YUP YUP!

Calories out = 450
Calories in = 1148
Net calories = 698

What went in...
Poached egg -78
coffee - 90

banana -110
string cheese - 80

rice cakes - 60
all natural lunch meat -60
LC cheese - 35
pudding - 60
Open Nature - 190

cheese - 60
bun -150
shredded BBQ pork-150 -- so nice that I had it all ready in the freezer, since I worked out this evening. And, it is SOOOO tender!
carrots - 20
cukes - 25
celery - 20

What went out...
I did The Firm this morning! YEAH! It was Day 27. I also did ride the bicycle at the club, when I went to sign up for the Physique Challenge :) YEAH me! Working out twice!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monday = FRESH start with some new goals!

I am excited for tomorrow for a whole bunch of reasons!
1) I am going to get up in the morning and do THE FIRM!
2) I am going to get back into my normal blogging mode--the past two weeks have been busy and crazy between being sick, the play, and going out of town several times!
3) I am going for a massage :) YES!
4) I am going to sign-up and join the local fitness club and their Physique Challenge. I am a little nervous for my pre-pictures, and I have to just keep reminding myself that I have lost over 50 pounds, and that I am half-way to my goal, so I still have quite a bit more to go! This is just a mid-progress check for me. I will also have a body compensation appointment. SIGH. I am going to workout at the club, too, so I will be working out twice tomorrow!

I am VERY excited to get started! I have some huge physical goals for the next three months!
1) My half-marathon training for the race at the end of April.
2) I want to start weight training!!
3) I would like to lose 25 pounds in the next three months--that seems a bit high, but I truly believe I can do it!!!
4) I want to do two classes a week--I am going to being Zumba at my school on Tuesday afternoons, and I want to do at least one class a week at the club.
5) I want to play racquetball with a partner at least one time a week--optimally I would like to play 3 times a week, but I don't know if I will have RB partners or not right away.

Then, once these goals are accomplished, and my three months is up at the club and the physique challenge is over, I plan to then try P90X. My son is giving me a copy when I go visit at the end of March :)) It will be an early Mother's Day gift! And, I feel that starting it in May--right near Mother's Day--will be AWESOME timing for a several reasons!
1) I want to focus on my half-marathon right now, and that is the training I need to devote my time for working out.
2) I feel that once I lose a little more weight, it will be easier for me. I know several people who have started and NOT finished the program because it is HARD!!! I truly believe that people start it before they are physically ready for it, and can't handle it, and stop doing it :( I know people who are in FABULOUS shape, who have really struggled with it. My son, who was a MARINE, told me it's some of the hardest physical training he has ever done! I am tough, and I can take a challenge, but I also know that I want to be READY for it, so I will do my 90 days!
3) It will be perfect timing...I can do it for May, June, and July!! That will be perfect for my summer focus.

I look forward to becoming STRONGER!!!

It's been a SUPER DUPER week :))

I know I haven't blogged in days!!! SHEESH.

So, Wednesday we headed down to Wenatchee in the evening to go and watch Styx play! They were fabulous :))) I loved the local opening band, Linus and Lucy! Good times, but we didn't get home until close to midnight.

Then Thursday I didn't get home until late because I got my hair done late in the evening, came home and did homework with our little one, and then crashed out after we were done snuggling and reading.

SO, Friday rolled around, and I had a funeral to go to after school. It was bittersweet indeed. I am so glad my friend Marge is not suffering anymore, but it was sad to say good-bye. I headed home--after grabbing some yummy tamales for dinner--and, then I had to pack for the trip to Everett and Seattle. Once all that was done, I just wanted to hang with my honey and decompress. I seriously felt so TIRED--physically and emotionally.

Saturday morning I headed out with some of my cheerleaders to go over to STATE cheer! One of my girls performed with the All-Americans, so that was an awesome and proud moment :) We loved watching the high school squads who were competing to be the best in our state!!! I feel so inspired for my cheer team!! It was also fun to watch the U of W cheer time perform, WOW!

Then we headed down to Seattle--I LOVE SEATTLE! The weather was INCREDIBLE. No wind, completely clear skies, and high 50s/low 60s. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! We visited the Seattle Center, and WOWSER the Space Needle was so pretty on such a clear night. SIGH. Then we checked out all of the amazing stuff around there. After that we headed to Pike Place Market, and that was fun, too. We decided to finish our night out with a visit down to the waterfront--oh and all of this was on foot, of course! We happened upon the gum wall in Post Alley!!!! OMGAWSH that was super cool, GROSS, but cool. And, I have been to Pike's Place probably 20+ times, and I have never found it, only heard of it, and then we did find ON ACCIDENT. So fun. Then, down at the waterfront, we all rode on the carousel :)) THAT was fun, too! We had a nice dinner on the waterfront, did a little shopping, and even found a little toy that we left in a new place--quite the adventure!!! It was just so nice to have a girls getaway :)))

We drove home today, early in the beautiful sunshine. Then got ready and headed over to our best friends' home to watch the Super Bowl, which we do every year! Good times :)

SO...let's recap this week for my goals.
Well, I did not work out--other than LOTS of walking in Seattle, and lots of stairs. It was just one of those weeks, and guess what??? I AM OK with it. It's life.

I did eat well. All my fruits and veggies. I did write everything down. I didn't keep track of anything but calories. So, I don't really know the status of my protein and calcium. BUT, I did eat a hamburger AND fries at Red Robin last night, and AGAIN, I am good with that! It was such a special occasion, and I was good with it! Today I did eat some Super Bowl goodies, but again--it's part of my life!

I have been drinking enough water, but some days, it has just been so hard to get 100 ounces!!!

Vitamins--not every day, but I did take them 5 of 6 days.

Not sure how the weigh-in will go tomorrow...might have a gain. But, oh well!

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week!! I will start over blogging like I do again tomorrow!!