Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another good one for the books!

Today we went for a drive up to Conconully because we wanted to see the snow :) LOVE IT! I just love going for drives anyhow, brings back such sweet memories of being a little girl because my daddy would take us on drives almost every weekend!

I have been doing really well on getting all of my water in.

Calories in =
coffee, no milk, with gingerbread creamer AND mint whip cream (OMGawsh...the mint whip cream is DELICIOUS)- 60

1/2 a grilled cheese/turkey sandwich- 225 SOOOOOOO yummy!

Total before going out to dinner= 285

I didn't do any extra exercise today. I am definitely feeling my run/jog/walk yesterday!! My thighs are sore, indeed.

Tonight I am so excited because Rick and I are going out to dinner (I KNOW...two nights in a row) with my VERY good friend from way back when junior high!! After dinner we are going to ditch drop Ricky off at home and hang out for some girls' time at Laura's hotel. She even brought notes from when we were in junior high!!! OMGawsh that will be funny entertaining :)

I will blog what I eat for dinner, and what I have to drink.

Tomorrow I am back to the gym for the treadmill!! I am going to try and jog 1.5 miles straight. As well, I want to do something else, maybe the elliptical or strength training--weights-- or, I dunno. I will see what tomorrow brings.

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Tina said...

So, I didn't even recognize you from behind when I saw you cuz you are sooo smokin'!!! Seriously, all your hard work is really paying off. Eyes on the prize, babe.