Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The power of positive thoughts!

On October 31st I weighed 207.8
November 30th I weigh 203.8
Some might think that’s only a loss of 4 pounds, but in the world of what I am doing--which allow me to emphasize is NOT DIETING, that is an average of a pound a week, and that was through Halloween and Thanksgiving!!! And, it’s a total of 45 pounds since mid-June (5 ½ months ago). Definitely I am so proud of what I have accomplished and that this is a way of life.

I am pretty excited! Why? Because I had a personal goal at the beginning of November to try and keep things positive. And, you know what? I truly believe that the energy we send out into this world, comes back to us times a gazillion! October had so many ups and downs, and Halloween week was an especially stressful and blah time. So, here we are, wrapping up another month, and I am a proud of finding the good. I can definitely say it makes me appreciate everything a little more! It reminds me lots of Oprah’s grateful journal. And, though I know not all the days and weeks and months and years will be this way, I sure am glad that 2011, and especially NOVEMBER have been what my heart needed! It feels so good to feel good!

I decided to look at all my titles of my blog entries for the past two months, and definitely I can see the difference in my attitude!

NOVEMBER titlesMarvelous Monday, yes indeedy
GOALS 4 the week
A couple of days...
UPDATED an old, but not forgotten blog
A closed door isn't always the end!
FANTABULOUS Friday for me:)
Turkey Day
Start of a FANTABULOUS week :)
Why today was a good day!
Okey Dokey Artichokey!
Wonderful WEEKEND :)
Rock and ROLL
Yeah for the snow!
A big loss!!
HOLY buckets!
Lovely weekend :)
Another good one for the books!
MUCH better week :)
My real Friday!!
It's my Friday!
Yeah for Wednesday!!
Taking care of me :)
Back on track!! Yahoo :)
:) :(
TODAY :)))
Yesterday is gone!

OCTOBER titles
Checked in lately?
I think I found it!
Sunday stroll, storage, and stew
Feeling strong and focused!
Super Saturday!!!
Goal for this week...5 sticky notes!
Fishy day!
Better day!
blah, blah
Today was a LONG day!
Living LIFE and loving it!! This ain't no diet for...
A fantabulous weekend!!!!
Compliments keep coming !!
Long day!
CRAZY article!
Oh, Tuesday, HOW I LOVE YOU!!
Another loss!!
I love that I can see a difference :)))
Jumproping KICKED my butt!
WILD Wednesday!!
Terrific TUESDAY :))
Just another manic Monday...
I LOVE Sundays like this :)
Friday and Saturday!
Thursday! Holy smokes!! Where did this week go?
Cool article :)
Today: Monday.OK.Tired.
Food for the weekend...
HUGE!!! Or, should I say smaller?

It has also been a hoot to read back through the years, as I did start this blog in February of 2006. Not all of my blog entries are there from the beginning because I was originally content in our local newspaper, so when I switched to Blogger, I only was able to transfer some of those earliest blogs. It's fun to read the ups and downs. What a journey it has been!

I AM SO APPRECIATIVE that I have not given up and that I have this record to see just how far I have come.

It's been a good month, and I am looking forward to ending out this year on a good NOTE!! If I average one pound a week, I will be under 200 by the end of 2011!!! HOW COOL WOULD WILL THAT BE?!?

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