Monday, November 21, 2011

Start of a FANTABULOUS week :)

I had a great day, as you can read in the post below this one!

So, I got this super cool sandwich crimper from Pampered Chef! I LOVE IT!! We had to try it out this afternoon :) I can now officially make my own uncrustables. YEAH me! We made tuna sandwiches for a snack, and to try it out. FUN, FUN, FUN!! I get to make pocket sandwiches now :) And, there are even recipes for pastries and tarts!
Total calories in-

Cottage cheese-100
Espresso bean – 7

Smoked string cheese – 50
Mandarin orange – 45
Apple/chicken sausage – 180

Tuna sandwich- 130

Potato- sour cream- 100
Steak – 6 ounces- 272- tender chuck steak
BBQ sauce - 20

TOTAL Calories IN- 974

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Tina said...

uh, WHITE BREAD???!!!! :)