Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yeah for Wednesday!!

Today was great  absolutely fantabulous! I had such a good WONDROUSLY happy and POSITIVE day :)))) Happy to rate it at a 9.234567 :)

Lots going on as usual! Wrapping up cheer, starting up drama, preparing for conferences next week, and overseeing all of our incredible Veterans Day projects that all my 8th graders have created :) Add in there the coat/hoody/shoe drive, and the new program we started to feed our hungry kids over the breaks like Thanksgiving, and boy howdy my room looks like a tornado has come and gone at least three times!

Oh, and then there is the union work. Did I mention that I am the President and negotiator? LOL! We had an early union meeting this morning that started at 7:00 a.m.. SO, busy day, and I truly felt like I hit the road running from the get go. BUT, so much accomplished, and it all fills up my heart and makes me proud of teaching where I do!

I have been really tired this week, but honestly I think it's more from recovering from my nutso surprisingly fun weekend, and then from DST!! Of course, Monday was hectic right off the bat with 4-H and Girl Scouts, so I kinda knew this week would be yet another whirlwind.

I am excited for this weekend though :) The honey and I have a date night on Friday! Football season is over, and since that CONSUMED my Friday nights, well, it's fun to be able to spend it with my man! And, then on Saturday my bestest friend in the entire world will be in town for a few days (she is working on a super cool project that I hope comes to fruition--hint: a reality show of a LOCAL agency). I can't wait to spend girl time with her :))) We are going to have dinner, and then just hang out and ready for this?? She still has all the notes we wrote to each other back in junior and high school!!! WHAT A HOOT :))) So, don't despair, all of my faithful readers, I do unwind and relax and take care of myself.

Today I had two people mention my weight loss. That's always so motivating :)))))))))))

Here's the dish on the calories:
cottage cheese-100
coffee - 70
coffee bean -7
1/2 of the pumpkin latte- 100
egg - 78
apple- 95
cheese- 60
caramel rice cake-40
salad, croutons, mustard - 75
cornbread- 120
shepherd's pie (turkey- 150 , mashed potatoes-110 , green beans- 40 , tomatoes- 20 )- 320 Total

CALORIES in = 1065 Calories out= nothing extra

I definitely want to amp up my exercise! Also, I am struggling to get enough water. I definitely feel it!!

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