Monday, November 14, 2011

A big loss!!

Yeah, today I weighed 206.2, which is a 3 pound loss from last week!!! Of course, last week was rough, as it was a 1.4 pound gain, but what this has shown me is that you can have one rough week, and you truly can bounce back!! Just like that :)

If you read my blog from this past weekend, you see that I had two LOVELY dinners out :) I ate and drank what I wanted. But, I also worked hard with my exercise, and so once again it pays off.

Today was kind of a backwards day. I was able to sleep in, which was cool! Then I did ZUMBA, yeah! 45 minutes, and 485 calories later :)) Then I had conferences, which I met with 31 families!! ZOIKS! I am tired, for sure.

Calories IN = 641.75
Calories OUT = 485

Food for me...
Mandarin Orange- 45
Coffee- FF, SF white chocolate, SF gingerbread - 70
chocolate covered espresso bean - 7

celery- 10
Laughing Cow Cheese- blue cheese- 35

yogurt with fruit- 200
decaf ff milk, SF hazelnut - 60

chicken noodle soup - 1 1/4 cups- 214.75

TOTAL = 641.75

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