Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wonderful WEEKEND :)

I love it when I have a weekend like this! It was fun and mellow, and much was accomplished!!!

We gathered up more clothes that need to go to storage for next year's yard sale. We had our hair cut and mine colored. We did deep cleaning! Shopped and planned out or meals for the next 10 days, including what we are taking to Thanksgiving, oh and I decided since I earned a second free turkey, that we are going to have a second Thanksgiving dinner at our house on either Saturday or Sunday because we want the leftovers :)))

I am planning out my plan of attack for both Thanksgiving dinners and what I will do as far as exercise goes!

Saturday's calories...
Coffee with pumpkin pie creamer – 40
½ grilled turkey and cheese sandwich – 1 piece of multi-grain bread – 110- 1 wedge of laughing cow lite French onion cheese – 35 – 3 slices of turkey lunchmeat – 30 – I can’t believe it’s not butter – 25 – total = 200

*I just LOVE Laughing Cow cheese! I am hooked on grilled cheese sandwiches right now :)

Starbucks – 12 ounce egg nog latter-370-THIS was my big splurge!! I have wanted one, so they were having a BOGO free deal for the weekend and from 2 to 5 p.m., and I happened to be there right after 2 p.m., so I felt like it was meant to be, which also meant that Ricky got a drink, too, YEAH!

Chuckroast-4 ounces- 207 ***Gotta love leftovers!!
BBQ sauce-40
Zone bar- 210
NO CALORIES OUT :( I just couldn't get it going to exercise because I was do tons of other stuff instead. I did read a GREAT quote: You can be sore tomorrow or sorry, you choose! I am all over that!!

Coffee with gingerbread creamer and mint whip cream – 50
Celery -9
Laughing cow lite chipotle cheese- 35
Sesame pretzel crisps- 110
Cashews- 150
Salad- 25 Honey mustard- 20 Croutons – 25 = 70
Tatertot casserole – tatertots- 160, garlic cream of mushroom soup-35, ground beef- 213, cheese- 25= 433
TOTAL IN = 857

Workout = jump rope 25 minutes – 250 calories – in 81 degrees! Yeah, this was an awesome workout that I did while watching The Biggest Loser on my dvr! Talk about motivation :) It was very hot in the house (our pellet stove), so I felt like it was like HOT YOGA, only HOT CARDIO instead!


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Glad you had a nice weekend, Trisha! ~Brittany @ZonePerfect