Friday, November 25, 2011

FANTABULOUS Friday for me:)

Today was so beautiful!! It was like a spring day, and the sun and warm weather (52 degrees) beckoned me to be outside!

So, eating-wise, I wasn't hungry, probably some weird after-symptom of eating yesterday.

Calories in=
coffee with gingerbread creamer - 40

baked ham with honey mustard to dip it - 186 calories (166 calories for 4 ounces of ham)

ham with honey mustard to dip it - 186 calories

apple with Laughing Cow lite French onion cheese- 135

Total = 547

WORKING OUT- Well, as I said earlier, I was all about being outside and just doing the walk thing. My original plan was to walk up and down Robinson Canyon. But, in the end, I just felt all motivated to start jogging, and I ended up jogging 1.5 miles, and add to that walking for 3.5 miles, well, I made the loop back up Duck Lake Road for a total of 5 miles. I was so into jogging, and so in a groove. I truly can't remember the last time I jogged outside (been using the treadmill because of the weather), and I was just in a zone. It was AWESOME! I stopped to tie my shoe, and I ended up walking after that. It was seriously THE BEST walk/jog I have ever had :))))

I wore my HRM, and it recorded that I burned 656 calories!!! WAHOO :) My average heart rate was 135,with the max being at 185. My I-pod registered 10, 357 steps, but I don't know how accurate that was because it was inside my hoody pocket.

Total out= 656
Total in = 547
Net = -109

WHOA...I have never had a negative calorie intake. GEEZ>>>I know I need to start eating 1000 to 1200 calories a day at a minimum, so that my body doesn't think I am trying to starve, which I am not trying to do by any means. Today I just didn't feel hungry! And, I had an AWESOMELY AMAZING!

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