Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back on track!! Yahoo :)

Today I had three, YES THREE, people tell me that I looked really pretty :) Yeah! I felt that way, and I almost even twittered exactly that this morning before I even heard from anybody else :)

I also left my first Operation Beautiful sticky note!! My phone battery was dead, so I didn't take a pic, but it just felt great:) I also made up other ones to leave in random places. I will be out of town to a couple of different places this weekend, so I plan on leaving some notes around. Cool!

I went back to Rawsons and bought a few more smaller pairs of pants for under $7 each!! YEAH, normally $60, which I wouldn't have bought for myself. So, I feel pretty awesome about my new jeans, and I can't wait until I fit into them :))))

Also, I am excited because I had a friend, who is a personal trainer and registered dietician, look over my blog, specifically checking out my food journaling. She told me that I eat a lot of natural foods, and that I have a good balance of veggies, fruits, and proteins. And, she really liked how I do eat treats here and there! Basically I got a GIANT A+ for how I have been doing on my food, which she said, and I totally agree that how I eat is how I can eat forever. That this is not a diet, but me just being in control and aware of what I am eating. It's so nice to feel validated :)) This was perfect today, especially after I had such an up-and-down day yesterday!

Cottage cheese – 100
FF, SF white choc, SF almond roca Coffee- 70
Chocolate covered espresso -7

Peppermint patty – 30
2 tangerines-100

Homemade French dip:
1 slice of mozzarella-60
Roast beef-60
Au jus- 20
Bbq sauce – 40

Chipotle sweet potato fries – 130
Milk- 80

CALORIES OUT= nothing extra today!

80 ounces of water!

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