Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Some exciting news!! I added a tab to this blog :)) Up at the top, you can see the RECIPES tab! I won't be going all crazy on it, but I will be adding some of our favorite family recipes as I go. In particular, now that I am writing everything down that I am eating, I am also interested in figuring out calories per serving for each of the meals that I eat!! Cool, huh??

Today was another SPECTACULAR day!!

I know I have said it before, but I have to say again, I LOVE MY JOB :) I truly feel so appreciative that I go to work every day, loving my job, and being paid for it! My kiddos made amazing Thanksgiving placemats, and those along with the cool cards that my Girl Scout troop made, I headed to the retirement home in Okanogan and Omak after school to make special deliveries!!!! COOL! Awesome way to start my Thanksgiving break.

So, here is what I ate today...

Cottage cheese- 100

Mandarin orange- 45
Veggies – tiny tomatoes, carrots, peas, broccoli – 50?

Bean- 7

I decided to wait for lunch until I returned home, and I made my nifty little sandwiches I can make now!!! I love them because truly they are PORTION control all the way! I know the picture is blurry, but you get the idea!

Bread – 70
Tuna with lite miracle whip- 25- 16.5 ounces for the tuna- 1 tablespoon and the Miracle Whip
X 2 sandwiches- 190 calories total

Cucumbers in vinegar with garlic -16
Cottage cheese-100
Lasagna-505- You can see the recipe on the other page!! I ate more than a serving, so that's why I have more calories :)

IN =1160
OUT = 200
NET = 960

I watched The Biggest Loser and worked out at the same time!

Jump rope
My heart rate monitor recorded:

Hi – 2:33
L – 14:11
27:53 – 200 calories
I had a total of 416 jumps – 50 in a row was my longest run.

Jump roping kicks my butt, and I am always sooooo sore after!

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