Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, today I went to the doctor, and I had a FABULOUS visit! The really cool thing is that I had lost a LOT of weight since the last time I had a doctor's appointment. My doctor was all proud of me!! She said,and I quote:

"What you have done in the past six months, is more than I could do for you
in the next 20 years! You are the anti-drug!"

How cool is that? It's so true! My blood pressure is TOTALLY perfect and right where it needs to be! Yup, 114/76. Awesome.

It was just really fun to have someone be so positive and so enthusiastic about my health! YEAH!

I had a HUGE list of things to talk to her about, and I am so appreciative that I have such an attentive doctor!! I was there for almost 2 hours! She did prescribe me an inhaler for the possibility that I have exercise-induced asthma, but we had a great conversation about allergies, too. I have noticed that my wheezing definitely happens more when I jog outside. So, we will see...

We talked about all sorts of things that I did need to deal with physically, and I am just GLAD that I finally made the appointment.

I was somewhat short on time, and I almost considered not going in to run, but I figured I could go with 20 minutes, if that was all I had. So, I drove down to the school, jogged 20 minutes, and headed home to get ready and return back to school to do conferences.

My exercise for today:
Treadmill for 1.6 miles - 20 minutes.
I warmed up 5 minutes.
I jogged 10 minutes- 1 mile.
I did a cool down for 5 minutes.

Calories out = 174
Other good news for me, my HRM told me that my average was 130, and that the max was 174. This was an improvement from all the other days that I have jogged a mile in 10 minutes!!

I also had to change my dinner plans because we had my step-daughter's conference, so since I only had 30 minutes for my dinner tonight, I decided to go for a walk, which by the way was VERY cold!! I walked 1.8 miles in 25 minutes, burning 208 calories.

Calories in =1124

What I ate today:
cottage cheese - 100
coffee-ff, sf white chocolate, sf coconut -16 ounces - 90
coffee bean -7

celery - 9
laughing cow lite blue cheese-35

rice cake- 30
laughing cow lite sundried tomato-35

steak(12 ounces)- 544
butternut squash - 2 cups - 164
light brown sugar - 30
bbq sauce - 50

total - 1124

And, there ya have it!

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