Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taking care of me :)

I am excited because I have a doctor's appointment for next Tuesday! I needed to have one this past summer, but you know how life gets away from ya...

Well, anyhow, I am glad to finally have one, and I have a huge things to discuss with my doctor. One in particular is the battle I have with TOM. I have terrible cramps, headaches, and MASSIVE swelling, even to the point of pitting edema! Hopefully we can find some relief, as I haven't been a person to have bad any of that! Really my TOM has always been rather mild, with the exception of this past few years, so I am guessing it's an age thing.

It will be nice that my weigh-in will be less than the last time I went :)

This last week was probably the toughest for me as far as cravings and just feeling off. It was seriously like I had PMS for an entire week :((( One thing for sure, I am glad that last week is over, and that I have bounced back!

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