Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today ROCKED! Again. So, many super days in a row :) I like it! I love it! I want some more of it!

My students are working on Thanksgiving placemats, which we are going to donate again this year to the retirement homes in Okanogan and Omak. I always am so touched by what the kids write about the things in their lives for which they are thankful. I have THE BEST JOB ON THE PLANET!!!

Things are really coming together with our yearbook at school, and that is SUPER exciting!!! I met with our publisher rep, who happens to be my friend, too, so that is always fun when he is in town.

I finished on our cheer movie (over 250 pictures in it), and I am so proud of the final product! The kids and parents totally loved it! Tonight we had our cheer banquet, which was VERY emotional. It has truly been our best year, and so seeing it end is always tough. And, I have a few kiddos who are seniors, so HOLY cow, turn the tear faucet on!!!

Calories in =
Oatmeal- ¼ cup- 75
Lite syrup-25

turkey- 30
mandarin orange - 45

pork chop- 3 ounces - 410
acorn squash – 115
brown sugar- 30

TOTAL calories in =987+

And, the + is:
Cheer banquet...lots of stuff, and really I didn't want anything,since I had such a great dinner :) But, I did have a special treat!!
chocolate cupcake with pb cup...not sure on the calories, and I don't really care!
and, I also ate some veggies

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