Monday, November 21, 2011

Why today was a good day!

No, make that a great day!
It started out with wearing my super cool smiley shirt that I designed :) There are 10 of us gals at school that are wearing them today! The kids LOVED it! I will have to take a pic and post it!

Then during my prep I decided to have some chocolate yerba mate tea, and let me tell ya, YUMMY!!!

I had a pay-it-forward-moment that seriously brought me to joyous tears.

I wrote a recommendation for one of my students today. I simply cannot believe she is a senior! I love writing recommendations when it is 100% from the heart!!! Great kid!

I have been organizing some things that I have been invovled with before, and I am receiving awesome feedback :) IT ALWAYS feels great to be appreciated!!

I loved the comments today about how much weight I have lost...that feels good!!

I started a new book today-- Nicholas Sparks- Lucky Charm. I love his books, and I am just cruising through this one. I also just finished a great book: Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs - sequel to Shakespeare bats clean-up Ron Koertge.

We have been reading Choose Your Adventure books! They are so much fun and bring back the days when I was a wee little one.

Tonight we have Girl Scouts, which I LOVE, love, LOVE!!! Plus now that the girls are older, they are responsible for homework as related to their patches, so I am excited to see some of the things they bring tonight.

And, finally, my honey is making dinner tonight! He is BBQing steaks :)))


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