Thursday, November 17, 2011


So excited that tomorrow is already Friday :)

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving, which happens to be my FAVORITE holiday of the year!! I love spending time with family, and we will have LOTS around this year, YEAH!! I am also trying some new recipes this year, and I have a plan for working out.

I love squash. That's right, we are definitely squash people. A guy that my husband works with gave us an entire box of butternut and acorn squash for free, and apparently he has several more if we want them. I could seriously eat squash EVERY day. I am even going to try to make a soup!

I haven't worked out since Tuesday, and I NEED TO!!!

Calories in=
eggs- the liquid kind in the little carton - 1/2 cup - 60
green tabasco sauce
coffee- 12 ounces- FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread-70
chocolate covered espresso bean - 7

celery -9
laughing cow lite blue cheese- 35
1/2 honey crisp apple - 50
tortilla - 68 with turkey - 30- honey mustard - 10, cabbage - 20= 128

spaghetti- 210
sauce- 50
ground turkey - 100

broccoli slaw with light miracle whip - 50

Total IN = 769

There ya be!

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